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Its been a week since i broke up with Oscar

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Its been a week since i broke up with Oscar.

I havent seen him since.

I tried my best to avoid him. To the point where i didnt even need to try anymore because he wasnt even gonna look for me.

I'm never home anymore. Im either at school, viv or Jocelyn's house, at a party, or work.

I figured if i didnt wanna be sad i should make myself busy. So i wouldnt have time to think about Oscar.

I wish it worked.

"Leyla! Can you stop being sad? Its kinda killing my mood." Javier frowned as he sipped his horchata.

"Sorry i have feelings Javier." I shrug as got up from my stool.

"Im kidding sit your ass down." He laughed.

Then he rested his arms on the counter. "Whats wrong?"

"I cant tell you." I sigh.

"Why not? There aint no chismosos." He points out. Which was weird. We had like 3 customers today.

"I was with a guy and we just broke up." I sighed.

"You had a novio and didnt tell me? You fake bitch." He gasped.

I just shook my head and laughed at him. "Okay but thats not the point. The point is.... im broken." I frowned.

"Well why did he break up with you?" He asks as he refilled his drink.

"I broke up with him."

"Huh? Bitch you crying cause your burning but you lit the match." He explains.

"Yeahhh but he spilled the gasoline." I went on.

"Who is this mystery novio anyways?" He smirked.

"That i cant tell you." I shake my head as i got up to clean the tables.

"What why? I can keep a secret." He grinned.

"Okay fine." I sigh. "It was Oscar."

"Oscar? Oscar Diaz? The guy whos now a gangsta?" Javier went off. "Oooo shit." He muttered.

"What?" I raise my brow.

"Thats your brother's homie." He laughed. "Damnnn yall was keeping secrets. Well i guess that explains why he never brought girls around here." He talked to himself.

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