veintiséis- homie vs homie

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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

"You're fucking joking." I glared at Mr. Morella.

"Language Ms. Guzman." He shook his head at me as he handed me the assignments.

"Can i have a new partner?" I cross my hands.

"No i'm afraid not." He smiled as he directed me towards the table Oscar was sitting at.

"What a coincidence huh?" Oscar chuckled as he look out a pencil.

"Don't talk to me." I rolled my eyes at him as i sat down and grabbed my binder.

"Well that's gonna be hard to do since we have a whole project to do." He gave me a small smile.

I stayed quiet and continued to ignore him until the bell rang.

I stormed out the classroom. Thank the lord it was lunch time.

I made my way to the table full of Santos and my ex best friends.

"Martí-" i cut myself off once i saw him sucking face with Viviana.

I obviously gave no fucks that they were dating. Like i hate Viv don't get me wrong. I know she only went after him once she saw i was with him. But i'm really fuckin happy for Martín.

But to everyone on the outside of our fake relationship probably think i'm heartbroken to see him with Viv.

I quickly backed away from the table causing me to bump into someone.

"Oh shit im so-" i stopped myself and just glared at Oscar.

"Can we talk?" He pouted at me.

"No." I glared at him as i attempted to run away.

But he picked me up over his shoulders and walked us away.

"Put me down." I pouted.

"No. I wanna talk to you." He carried me up to the bleachers.

Hella extra.

"About what? Theres nothing to talk about." I yell at him which interrupted the quiet kids who chilled on the bleachers during lunch.

"I wanna talk about us." He sat down on the bench.

"Stop joking. There isnt an us."

"Yes there is. Leyscar. Get it because our relationship had a deep cut but its stitched back together and made us stronger." He grinned at me.

Thats it.

Im throwing myself down these stairs.

"Leyla..." he pouted.

"Just shut up." I glared at him.

"But i don't wanna." He pouted.

"Why should i get back with you?"

"Because you love me." He gave me a frown.

"No i don't. I hate you."

"Liar." He stood up.

"Am not." I stood onto the bench to appear taller.

"Just kiss me." He smirked which caused me to slap him.

I heard everyone gasp.

"You cannot just say you love me and expect me to run back to you. I've been through so much shit and nobody who i thought loved me was there for me except Javier and Martín. So fuck my family, fuck Jocelyn and Viviana, and fuck you." I shake my head as i stormed down the bleachers.

Oscar's pov

"She said that?" Jocelyn's jaw dropped as i nodded my head.

"That's bullshit. We did nothing to her. She's just acting stupid." Viv rolled her eyes.

"Shes so dramatic." Antonio rolled his eyes.

"Guys shes my best friend. Dont talk about her like that. Not in front of me." Martín glared at us.

"But you guys broke up." Vincent raised his brow.

"Yeah but it was mutual and we are still  best friends. So you all got me fucked up if you think ima let you talk about her like that." He shook his head.

"But baby... shes acting like she has nobody. We were always there for her. Its not our fault she hid her relationship with Oscar from us." Viv shrugged.

"Yeah but whos fault was that? Its Antonios fault. Its Oscar's fault too."

"Hows it my fault?" Antonio glared Martín down.

"Dude you were dating Jocelyn! That was Leyla's bestie at the time. How are you gonna be hypocritical like that?" He laughed.

"Its different." Antonio yelled back.

"Is it?" Martín raised his brow.

"Okay you know what puto." He stood up and shoved Martín.

"Guys chill." I freaked out.

"Nah. This fool wanna come at me sideways." Antonio yelled.

This was not gonna end well.


Dont at me but chick-fil-a is overrated😔👊🏼

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Dont at me but chick-fil-a is overrated😔👊🏼

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