treinta y tres- shit stirrer

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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

"Thanks for the stuffed animal." Oscar smirked at me as he wrapped his arms around me.

"You're welcome." I smiled at him.

Now we were walking around the carnival looking for something else to do.

"You hungry?" Oscar looked at me as we passed by a bunch of food stands.

"No not really. But i can steal some of your fries if you get some."

"So you are hungry." He nodded to himself as he walked up to one of the food stands.

I laughed a little as i checked my phone to see a few notifications.

Martíni weenie💛: i got some tea for u!!

Leyla💛: ok. tell me later :) im w/ oscar rn

Then i put my phone in my back pocket to help Oscar grab his food.

"So how are things?" He gestured to my phone as i denied the phone call from Martín.

"Oh good. Its just Martín." I shrug as i deny the phone call. Again.

"What that fool want?" Oscar smiled as he ate his food.

"No idea. But it can wait." I smiled as i ate the fries that went with his burger.

"You sure?"

"Yeah." I smile at him as i felt his hand on my thigh.

"Fuckkk." I let out a moan as Oscar pulled out.

"Damn." Oscar tried to catch his breath as i collapsed on top of him.

We just fucked in his car in the middle of a carnival parking lot. Good thing it was dark.

"I missed you." He kissed on my neck.

"I missed you too." I spoke softly as i looked deeply into his eyes as we just admired each other in silence.

"Leyla i wanna do this again. But for real this time."

"I do too. But i dont know..." i looked at him uneasily.

"I'm not going to break your heart like before."  He set his hands around my hips.

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