veintiuno- its called acting

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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

"This is a bad idea! Oscar will beat me up." Martín shook his head.

"Its a great idea and you'll be fine. Also if bitches see that your taken then they'll wanna get at you because bitches these days love to be home wreckers."

"Well i actually do take an interest in your friend Viv but she says she doesn't want to commit."

"Shes not my friend." I correct him as i throw my bag over my back.

"Okay whatever babe lets go." Martín cringed his ass off as he grabbed my hand as we walked into the school.

We got the attention we wanted. Eyes glued on us.

Shit spreads quick so i couldn't wait to see Oscar's reaction.

"Its acting. Chill out." I laugh at my boyfriend as we walked to my locker.

"Okay whatever you say Johnny Depp." He rolled his eyes at me as i made him hold my folders.

"Shut up." I giggle as i slam my locker shut and take the folders from his hands.

"What should i call you?" I look over at him as i notice Viv and Jocelyn walk by us.

"Uhh.. call me baby boy." He smiled.

"Baby boy?" I looked at him kinda surprised as he nodded.

"Oscar's coming." He mumbled as he stepped closer to me.

"Okay kiss me." I force him.

"Did you brush your teeth?"

"Yes. Now kiss me." I laughed at him.

Thank the lord Martín's back was facing Oscar because he was making a face when he was kissing me.

But me being an actress i made it seem enjoyable.

I felt Martín's hands roaming my body. This boy!!

I pulled away from him and in the corner of my eye i noticed Oscar and his friends just looking over at us in shock.


"Okay. See you at lunch." I smiled at Martín before walking off.

Oscar's pov

I watched as Martín walked over to us with the biggest smirk.

"Wait hold up. You're dating my sister?" Antonio glared at him.

Im gonna let this dude take care of it. Martín is about to get an earful.

"Yeah. You okay with that?" Martín looked over at Antonio.

"Yeah thats cool. Just dont fuck around with her feelings." He smiled as he punched his arm.

What? I was given an ultimatum and this fool got a punch in the arm.

I just shook my head and walked to my class.

This is absolute bullshit.

There is no way Leyla likes Martín.

Im gonna fucking kill him. How could he do that to me?

Wait.. i cant even hate him because he didn't even know we had a thing.


Now I'm stuck with Ximena.

I was only with her so she would stop trying to start rumors about Leyla. But dating that girl was torture. Pure torture.

You know what.

Fuck this.


Bitch😭💀 meeee as a scorpion

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Bitch😭💀 meeee as a scorpion

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