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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

I woke up late.

I just couldn't sleep for the past two days.

I was tired. I didn't feel safe. I was fucking scared.

"Leyla." Oscar creeped up behind me as i put my stuff away in my locker.

"What?" I look at him.

He's been talking to me a lot lately since the night at the taqueria.

"How you doing?" He smiles.

"Great." I slam my locker and give him a fake smile.

He just pouted.

"I think im getting better." I sigh.

Then i felt a pair of arms wrap around me and i felt like i was getting kidnapped.

I screamed as i felt my face get covered.

"Martín!" Oscar groaned as he pushed his friend off of me.

"Oh shit my bad." Martín said all worried.

"Its fine." I say trying to catch my breath as i fix my hair. "I better go. I got math." I smile as i storm off.

Then i started walking in a random hallway to get away from everyone.

Then i felt my wrist get grabbed.

I jerked my head back and saw Oscar.

"Oscar i gotta go to class." I whine.

"I know you aint going to class." He pulled me away into an area of the school where nobody hangs out.

"Excuse you?"

"You dont have math right now. You have english." He smirked.

My eyes grew wide. How the fuck did he know?

"Yeah. Busted." He chuckled.

I just sighed.

"I dont wanna be here." I panicked.

"Well where you wanna go?" He tried to calm me down.

"I dont know." I whine as he nodded.

"Okay lets go."

Now we were in a mall parking lot. Just sitting in his car.

"Are you gonna pass it or?" I glare at Oscar who was taking a long ass hit from the joint i rolled up.

"Chill out." He laughs as he passes it to me.

I just rolled my eyes and took a big ass hit.

We was really doing this instead of going to school. Okay great. I loved it.

An hour went by and both of us were high.

We just listened to some oldies and stared out the window then at each other.

"Come here." He said patting his lap.

Aight bet.

I smirked at him as i got over to him now straddling his lap.

He pushed his seat back so now i was laying on top of him.

We just laid there for a cool minute. Staring at each other.

Fuck he was so damnnn fine.

"Leyla." He spoke soft as he played with my hair.

"Hmm?" I mumble staring at his lips.

"I miss you." He grins like a dork and so did i.

I said nothing i just grabbed his face and kissed him.

His lips were everything. Oh man.

"Aight so we back together?" He questions.

"Fuck yeah." I laugh as i kiss him again.

"Still lowkey?"

"Well we have no other option." I sigh. "My dumbass brother is a hater. He wouldn't allow it." I pout.

"I know." He sighed as well. "But as long as i got you im good." He says while massaging my ass.

"You right." I smile at him.

At work

"Are you seriously high right now?" Viv put her hand on her hip as i showed up to work an hour late.

I just smiled like a dumbass. "No i dont do that stuff." I giggle a little bit to myself as i walk past her to get ready to take orders.

"Where were you?" Jocelyn joined in.

"Out and about." I shrug and they just looked at me weird.

"Well who were you with?"

"Oscar." I laugh.

"You were with Oscar?" They say in unison. All confused and shit.

"Yeah. Whats wrong with that?" I raise my brow at them all annoyed and shit.

"Well since when were you two friends?" Joc questioned.

"We've been friends." I shake my head. "We just dont really hang."

Then i walked away from them to take an order.

I hate how they don't know about Oscar and I. Now i got to answer stupid questions.


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