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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

Its been a week since Oscar's stupid ass got beat up.

It also been a week since i talked to him.

I have so many different emotions right now.

Im an actual loner at school.

Viv and Jocelyn hang out with my brother now and my brother hangs out with Oscar. Soooo fuck that.

I still live with Javier which has really caused problems for my relationship with my mom.

But i don't want to be in a place where I'm surrounded by people i hate.

Javier is honestly the best person ever. I am so grateful for him. He's like a dad to me.

"Hey Leyla." Javier called out as i stepped out the car.

"Yeah?" I bent down to look in the passenger window.

"Your mom thinks you should go back home today."

"Yeah i refuse to go back."

"Maybe you should give it a try." He shrugged.

"Javier if i go back there i'll end up killing someone." I shake my head. "I cant go back."

"We'll talk about it later. Just go to class. Dont get in any fights. Please." He waved goodbye then drove off.

Guess I'm by myself now.

I can do this.

Just thinking about possibly having to go back to my moms house made me want to cry.

I put my headphones in and slowly entered the shit hole.

I just walked around the school minding my own business. I didn't even look at a single person.

I was stressed.

I couldn't do this shit.

During lunch i just sat at a table by myself. I wasn't even hungry.

I just played with the food until i got a call from Javier.


"Hey. Um... so i talked to your mom. She says she wants you home. I tried convincing her to ket you stay but she refuses. I tried i really did Leyla. But its out of my control. I'm sorry." Javier let out a sigh.

I just stayed silent and slowly let out a cry.

"Ok." I mumble before hanging up.

Martín's pov

"Shit is she crying?" Antonio questioned.

We all watched as Leyla silently cried by herself.

"Aww i feel bad." Ximena pouted.

"No you don't." I scoff.

"None of you guys give a shit." I shook my head. I was really disappointed with Antonio and Oscar.

I really thought they cared for her. But they got way too much pride to see if shes okay.

I looked over at Oscar who just watched Leyla cry.

"I don't blame Leyla for crying." I mutter before walking away.

"Leyla." I tapped her shoulder.

She just glanced over at me.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." I pouted as i watched her stand up.

Shit she's gonna walk away.

I was taken aback when i felt her wrap her arms around me.

Then i heard her cry in my arms.

I was quick to hug her back.

"I got you homie." I rubbed her back trying to comfort her. I didnt really know how to comfort people. Its definitely something I'm not used to.

"Cmon lets leave this bitch."


Hella ppl think i'm shy

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Hella ppl think i'm shy.  The truth is i dont like talking to people cause i feel like i'll scare them.

But if im close with you you'll know im 100% crackhead

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