tres- taco tuesday

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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

"Leyla!" Damien called me over.

I groan as i walk over to his table. "Yes?" I fake smile as i look at the other prophets at the table.

"The tacos are a little dry." One of the guys laughed.


"You know what i bet aint dry?" Damien smirked as he tried touching me.

I smacked his hand away and walked away.

"Is he a problem?" Martín came out of nowhere.

"Its fine Martín please dont cause a scene." I sigh as i have Jose make new tacos.

"I wont." He says as he got up. 

"What are you doing?" I grab his arm.

"Im going to have a small talk." He smiles at me as he walked over to the table full of prophets.

Dear god, please dont let someone get shot in this taqueria


I let out a sigh as i watched my poor friend Martín go up to 3 prophets.

That guy got some balls.

But when i thought he was alone. I was wrong.

I turned to see Oscar and Antonio behind me.

"Whats happening?" Antonio asks me as i exchange looks with Oscar. Fuck why is he so cute.

"Nothing. Its just Damien and his friends are being dicks." I shrug as i start to clean off the tables.

"What he say to you?" Oscar cleared his throat.

"I forgot." I muttered as i carried all the dirty plates into the back where the sink was.

Then he pressed me against the wall.

"Oscar." I mumbled and i could feel his breath on my neck. Then he pecked my lips and smiled.

"Stop. What if someone catches is? Especially Antonio." I smack him.

He just rolled his eyes and let go.

"You look good today." He smirked.

"I think your forgetting the fact that Martín is arguing with the prophets right now." I laugh as we walk back to the tables.

"Shit." He muttered and just out of nowhere tacos were fucking flying.

"You think they dry?" Martín shouted as he grabbed a taco and dunked it into Damien's water.

Oh my fuckin-

Whos friends?

"Here puto! How it taste?" He yelled before throwing it at the guys face.

That just caused a war to pop off.

These Prophets were young lil gangsters. They obviously dont know what they were doin. Showing up to a Santo claimed Taqueria. Then they gonna dis the food.

Damien then reached over and grabbed his gun which caused everyone that wasnt in a gang duck.

"Im too young to die!" Javier hid behind the counter.

I shook my head.

"Leyla hide. You're gonna get shot." Viv whispered.

"Im not letting no gun pop off." My stubborn ass looked over to see a mom and her toddler scared for their life.

Then there was another family with 3 young kids.

Damien had his gun pointed at Martín.

Martín stupid ass was unfazed.

He didnt give a fuck. All he was saying was "dont miss"

I walked over to Oscar who was covering me.

"Theres kids in here!" Oscar shouted and that made the Prophets look at each other.

"Yeah and you lucky they here. Cause next time we'll put a hole in all you dirty santos." Damien walked up to Oscar.

"Bye mamacita." He looked me up and down before he dipped out.

Okay gross.

I can tell Oscar was pissed.

He hated when guys checked me out or flirted with me. Especially since he cant say anything because nobody is allowed to know that we are dating.

Why you may ask?

Because Oscar and Antonio have this brother bond and I guesss Antonio told Oscar he can never go after me because im his little sister.

Okay wow.

Thats really stupid because Antonio dated my best friend.

We have now been dating for 6 months and its so fucking hard that we cant be a normal couple.

I feel like im betraying my brother. I cant even tell my best friends because they would make it obvious Oscar and I have a think.

It honestly sucks.

"Hey dumbass! Next time you see a gun getting pulled out you dont just stand there. Hide next time!" Antonio bitched me out.

I rolled my eyes at him and looked at Martín. "You're cleaning that shit up." I gesture to the watered tacos.



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