veinticinco- couples therapy in physics

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1 month later

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1 month later

Leyla's pov

"Good morning beautiful." Martín kissed my cheek.

"Hi." I laugh at him as i noticed in the corner of my eye Oscar kicking a trash can when he saw us.

"Can we talk?" Martín questioned.

"Uhh yeah let me just grab something." I swing open my locker to grab my binder.

"Oh shit you dropped something." Martín stared at the ground.

I watched as he picked up my birth control. Oop.

"Oh shit. My homie is getting it IN." One of the santos who happened to walk by laughed as he noticed the birth control.


"Give it to me." I freak out as i snatch it out of his hands.

Then i slammed my locker and dragged Martín into a more secluded area.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I smile nervously as i sit at a bench.

"Are you and Oscar secretly fucking?" He whispered so nobody could hear.

"What?" I choked on my own saliva. "No remember he wanted me back like a month ago but i said nahh bitch fuck you." I smirk.


"Are you asking that because you saw the birth control?" I laugh.

"Yeah." He cleared his throat. "But umm.. i also wanted to talk to you about something."

"Yeah whats up...babe?" I cringed just saying it.

"So um.... i talked to Viviana." He started getting all red.

"Awww look at you." I giggle as i poke his stomach.

"And we were talking... and she said she wishes she got the chance with me but now im with you."

"Oh. Well if you want we can break up so you can get with her.."

"Well yeah i really want to... i've liked viv since freshmen year. I feel like nows my chance." She gave me a small frown. "But if you wanna keep pretending then we can."

"No. No its cool.. lets just pretend we broke up. I dont wanna ruin your chances." I smile at him.

"Ok ok. So what are we gonna say?" He questions.

"We'll tell people that we broke up because the feelings weren't there." I smile at him.

"Ah okay." He nodded as he stood up from the bench.

"Im gonna miss you as a boyfriend." I pout as i pull him into a hug.

"No lie we made a cute couple." He chuckled.

"You aren't wrong." I grin i smile as i feel him kiss my forehead as the bell rang for first period.

"Okay i gotta go to class." Martín smiled at me before taking off in the opposite direction.

Oscar's pov

"Excuse me." Leyla said with an aggressive tone.

"Shit im sorry." I moved out of the aisle so she could walk past me.

"Yeah i bet you are." She rolled her eyes as she stormed by.

I let out a sigh.

I could tell Leyla was unhappy with me being in her Physics class. Not my fault i failed it my junior year.

I may have requested to move to her specific class just so i could have a class with her. I was really trying.

Now it was just me slowly packing up in the classroom with just the teacher.

"You okay Mr. Diaz?" The teacher looked at me.

"Uhh yeah i guess." I shrugged as i threw the backpack over my shoulder.

"I can see your grades in this class has improved a lot." He smiles.

"Yeah because nobody in hear wants to talk to me. So im forced to learn." I laugh.

"Yeah i see that." He adjusted his glasses. Hmm should i get glasses too? Fashion statement.

"I've seen that there is tension between you and my fellow student Leyla Guzman?" He cleared his throat.

"She was my ex girlfriend." I looked at him nervously. "But um... things ended bad and i'm trying to get her back but... she hates my guts."

"Well what did you do that was so bad?" Mr. Morella looked at me.

"I um... im friends with her brother and he told me i wasnt allowed to date his little sister or else we would stop being friends.. so leyla and i secretly dated but she didnt want to keep it a secret. Soooo... when he found out it caused a big fight between all of us and i chose my friendship with her brother over her." I pouted.

"Well.... do you regret your decision?"

"Yeah. But i didnt wanna lose my bestfriend. He was my best friend ever since elementary school." I pouted. "We were both there for each other when our dads past away."

"Okay. I see that. But he needs to understand that he cant control your life nor his sister's. He should be supportive of your happiness. So maybe you should talk to him." He leaned against his desk.

"Yeah... i guess your right."

"If you want then i can assign you guys as partners for the next activity we do." He smiled at me.

"Yes please."


Ahhhhahhhhahahahahahahahah i love this.

His face always has me laughingggvvv

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His face always has me laughingggvvv

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