Dan and Amanda

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Amanda reached the train station in record time and I had to admit I was surprised she hadn't got a speeding ticket!

"Dan," she said, out of breath and gave me a huge hug. "You have some explaining to do!" she laughed.

"I know. I'm so sorry to bother you," I apologised and felt my arms wrap themselves around her.

We both sat in her car, Amanda t the wheel and I was in the passenger seat. Normally, Phil would sit in the passenger seat and I'd be sat in the back since he was oldest and for some reason he obviously thought that that gave him more privileges. Why was I thinking about him again?! He's the past! Not the present or the future. The past.

Amanda's apartment still looked the same since last time I'd visited and I instantly felt like I was home. Even though, of coarse, it wasn't my home, it was hers. It just felt more welcoming than mine and Phil's apartment.

"Right, explain," she demanded.

"Umm... I just needed some space from Phil and you're my best friend, so... Umm... Yeah," I told her awkwardly. How could I explain my entire amount of feelings to her? It seemed almost impossible since I had lots of thoughts streaming through my head at ridiculous speeds.

"okaay...I don't really know what to say...wheres Phil then now?"

"Why is EVERYTHING about Phil?! Is her more important than me? Is that what it is!" I said, my voice raising to a shout. Amanda looked shocked and I could see her eyes filling with tears.

Quickly, I moved to the sofa beside her and put my arm around her shoulders. "I'm sorry. So,so sorry. I didn't mean to shout. I'm just a bit stressed and upset. I'm sorry!" I apologised, but I knew that nothing was going to make her feel better. She'd driven all the way to the station to see me, then I shouted at her. I was completely worthless and a horrible person.

"Please leave," she whispered, her voice sounding hoarse.

"What?" I asked even though I'd heard what she'd said, but I couldn't believe it.

"Please leave. I need some time to think now."

"Where am I supposed to go though?"

"Anywhere. I don't really care. Just leave, please."

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