End of procrastinating Dan?

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I should have guessed. My danosaurs want another video already, it's only been a month since I last uploaded one, but I'd better hurry up and make one before I start world war three!

First, I need to find my camera, shouldn't be too hard. On my computer desk? No. Under the papers on the desk? No. Under my bed? No. On the floor? No. Where the hell could it be?!

"PHIL!" I shouted to Phil who was sat in the living room. 

"what?" he shouted back. 

"have you seen my camera? The one I use for my videos?" I asked him, thinking he'd know. I have to admit, Phil is the more organised person in the apartment. 

"umm no... Is it on the breakfast bar? That's where we found it last time." 

"ok I'll check now!" I ran to the breakfast bar and sure enough, that was where it was! "its here!" 

"told ya," Phil said without taking his attention away from the game he was playing. 

"right, I'm making this video don't try interact with me. I need to finish this!" I told him before disappearing into my room.

After entering my room I realised that I had no inspiration. Nothing inspiring could come from staying locked up in my room, I needed to get outside and soak in the inspiration from Manchester city centre. Okay, not the most inspiring place ever, but I needed to get some food and I thought that a burger would be nicer than a sandwich that would take forever to make!

"you coming to grab lunch?" I asked Phil and I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my coat off the hook. 

"sure. One second though I'm almost levelled up."

I perched myself on the arm of the couch and intensely watched the tv, waiting for Phil to level up.

An hour later and Phil still hadn't accomplished his level up and he was getting frustrated. I couldn't afford to waste any more time since my stomach was growling like a road drill and I was afraid that if I didn't get food, I'd shrivel up!

"c'mon Phil. I'm hungry and there's no way you're going I manage to level up any time soon!" I complained and began getting off the couch. 

"you're right I guess an I should probably eat soon," Phil agreed and paused his game before sliding on his shoes and getting his coat. 


"I'll be back," Phil said to the paused screen and unlocked the apartment door. We both left and walked into town.

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