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Dan- The encounter

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I had chosen to sing the phantom of the opera! By the look on Katie’s face, she didn’t like the choice!

“Dan! I can’t sing, never mind this song! What the hell!” She playfully punched my arm and began to walk away. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto the small makeshift stage.

“Don’t go! Just sing this one song?” I made puppy eyes. “Pwease?” I pouted slightly and Katie sighed.

“Fine!” Then the dramatic introduction began. Then the pink lyrics popped up on the screen and I prepared to sing.

“In sleep he sang to me,” I began and I saw the confusion cross Katie’s face, I was singing the woman’s part and quite well I’d say! A few people in the audience stood to their feet and clapped, some people whistled and other just laughed, but there was no way I was stopping singing! “In dreams he came to me, that voice which he calls to me,” I continued and the applause kept coming.

I sang my entire part whilst people stood and clapped, then it was Katie’s turn.

“Sing once again with me, our strange duet,” Katie sang in the manliest voice she could manage and the applause continued, our duet had really brought a sense of liveliness to the restaurant and everyone was having a great time!

Then came the ending... I held my notes very long and very high whilst Katie said, “Sing for me, sing my angel of music, sing for me!” and we both ended with a very dramatic bow and burst into laughter, just then, I caught a glimpse of Phil stood gawping at the front of the crowd with Courtney and Becca. They all just stood there watching me and Katie, probably wondering what I was doing, but what I wanted to know was why Phil had followed me after my clear instructions that I didn’t want to see him EVER again!

I held Katie’s had and proudly walked off the stage to where our current table was.

“Would you like another drink?” I asked her.

“Sure, that was a-mazing though! Oh god, I didn’t think you’d be able to sing that high!” she laughed.

“I have my ways,” I said and winked in a joking way.

“Yeah, right! You’re just talented that’s all!” she laughed again. I quickly took a glimpse over my shoulder and saw Phil and ‘gang’ heading towards me.

“I’ll just go get the drinks,” I said and left in a hurry. I barged past Phil and didn’t stop walking until I reached the bar to order our drinks.

“Dan?” I heard Phil say from behind me.

“What the hell do you want Phil? Just go away and leave me the hell alone! I don’t want to see you ever again, OK?” I shouted. “I don’t want to see you either,” I said looking at Courtney and Becca. “You two are as much to blame for me leaving as him.”

“Dan, why don’t we talk about this? I truly am sorry!” Phil said in a steady, quiet voice.

“No! Can’t you see I’m on a date?” I gestured towards Katie. “Or are you too busy ‘looking out for me’ to care how I feel, huh?”

Courtney held Phil’s arm and said, “Maybe we should go and leave him alone?” Then she tugged him backwards and Phil quickly said, “We’re in a hotel, I think we should sort this out.” Then they all left.

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