Phil and Dan's friendship coming to an end

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Dan seemed slightly upset about nothing. Had I said something wrong? I sat alone at the table I once shared with my best friend, dan. Quickly, I ate both his and mine burger before heading to the door.

I knew not to follow him and I also knew where he'd be, but I didn't go there. Instead, I decided to call Courtney.

"hey," I said once she'd picked up.

"hi?" she said with a hint of confusion in her tone.

"you want to come out? You can choose where we go, I don't mind." I needed some company whilst Dan was in one of his strange moods because I knew that it would last days or maybe even weeks!

"sure. You do know that Dan's over here right?" she told me.

"what? Whys he at yours?" I asked her with slight frustration. Why was Dan bothering my girlfriend?

"I asked him that too, but he seems really upset about something. I think you should come round to mine and sort this out." I heard Dan protesting in the background of the call and without saying bye, I hung up.

I would go round to see Courtney, but it would only be to see her and tell Dan to go home and stop bothering her. In under five minutes, I was standing outside Courtney's house and braying on the door. She didn't answer the door, but Dan did.

"what the hell do you think you're doing annoying Courtney?" I asked him, raising my voice, but not quite shouting.

"nothing. I'm just leaving," he said and turned round in the hallway

to say bye to my girlfriend. Then he left without another word. What was going on?

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