Dan- the aftermath

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Sorry I havent uploaded for ages! I've been busy and stuff. I'll try post more regularly! Sorry this parts a bit rubbish, it wrote it in a rush.

Once I had finally managed to prise Phil’s hands off my shirt, I shoved him violently out of my room and hurriedly locked the door shut behind me. I slid with my back down the door and sat there for a moment listening to Phil breathing on the other side and before I was tempted to re open the door and invite Phil inside again, I stood up, grabbed the tray of food, making sure not to spill the coffee and sat cross legged on the bed in which I had lost my virginity. Shit, I’d lost it to Phil in a hotel bed whilst I was drunk, well that wasn’t quite how I had expected it to happen, but oh well the past is the past now.

I sipped my coffee and studied the food that was on the tray, what if Katie knew I slept with Phil and was trying to get revenge? What if she had poisoned my food? What if I ate it and instantly dropped dead. All these ‘what ifs’ and no logical answer what-so-ever. No way could she know and no way would she poison me just for that anyway! I took a bite from the bagel, which tasted completely normal and I didn’t drop dead, then when I had finished, I wiped the crumbs off the bed and carried the tray to the door. To check whether Phil was still desperately outside, I put my ear to the door and I couldn’t hear him breathe so I figured it was safe, so I unlocked the door. Once I was on the corridor outside my room, i quickly checked both ways to double check. No Phil in sight, so I hurried down the corridor to the elevator. When I had finally reached the reception desk, I handed a different receptionist the tray. There had never been any other receptionist working there for the 3 days I had been in the hotel except Katie.

“Where’s Katie?” I asked the receptionist and she looked up at me from her keyboard of which she was frantically taping the keys on.

“I’m not sure, she went missing this morning. The manager thinks she’s resigned. She left a note that doesn’t make much sense.”


“Do I really have to repeat myself?” the receptionist said in a tiresome tone.

“Can I see the note? I don’t believe she’d just leave, especially without saying bye!” I argued and held out my hand.

“Sure thing, but you’ll have to hope the manager hasn’t just thrown it away, I’ll show you the way to his office if you want,” she said in a monotone and ran her fingers across the desk to my hand. I instantly moved away from the desk and shook my head.

“No, I’m fine thanks, I’ll get there myself,” I stuttered and backed away from her.

She shrugged. “Okay, but damn you’re just as Katie described you, only better,” she mumbled and turned back to her computer.

“Uhm, thanks,” I muttered and walked back the way I’d come from.

“Honey, you’re going the wrong way,” She called after me and I turned on my heel back towards.

“Can you please just point me in the direction then,” I sighed and she pointed down a corridor with the words ‘authorised personal’ on a sign above it.

“Sure I can go down there?”

“Of course, he’ll be fine with it,” she said and turned back to her computer and them muttered, “If you’ve caught him on a good day.”

I chose to ignore her and wandered down the corridor, stopping and each door hoping to see some sign that it was a door for the manager’s office. I didn’t get to that door until the very end of the corridor and hesitantly, I knocked and waited.

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