The average lunch conversation

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My game of spyro wasn't going too well, I'll admit that, but I was going to level up no matter what! However, I needed food so bad that my stomach was endlessly humming and I felt slightly faint. I needed food and fast!

"so Phil, hows your relationship with courtney going?" Dan asked me. Courtney was my girlfriend and she was absolutely stunning! Nothing could compare with her gorgeous hazel eyes and brunette hair! She didn't live with us though. Not that I didn't want her to, but she needed her own space and living with Dan and I wasn't the best choice for space in our cramped apartment. We were planning on moving to London though, so then she could live with us if she wanted because I was sure that the apartments there would be a lot more spacious than the ones in run-down Manchester!

"oh yeah, we're fine," I said and smiled at the sound of her name.

"good. You don't seem to be her do much, that's why I asked."

Did he want me to reply to that?

"yeah I know. She's just busy at the moment and stuff."

"okay," Dan said and the conversation was put on hold until we got to our destination. Macdonalds!

I ordered a big mac with fries and a large Pepsi, whilst Dan chose a big mac also fries and sprite. Our orders didn't take to long to be given to us and we started to look for a table in the crowded place. Finally, we found a two-seated table at the far corner of the square room and we quickly took our seats and began to eat. I was half way through my burger before I asked, "have you found anyone yet?"

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