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The date

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We arrived at the restaurant and yes, I'd over thought everything! It wasn't exactly the poshest restaurant ever, but it also wasn't a fast food place surrounded by junkies and drunks like I'd the assumed it to be like. It was just the average family restaurant with a bar, lounge area and karaoke at 10pm!

"This is the place! Told ya it wasn't posh!" Katie laughed and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door.

"I believe you now! We HAVE to do karaoke later though!" I grinned. I knew the perfect song to sing

"Do you want your ears to bleed? I can't sing to save my life!" Katie told me as we reached the bar and waited for someone to take our drink order.

"Nah, I bet you're great. No one can be worse than me! Trust me," I said and gave Katie my puppy dog eyes look. She stared at me before a huge grin spread across her face.

"Okay, okay! I can't resist those eyes!" She said as she softly hit my chest whist laughing.

"May I take your order?" The bartender asked.

"Uhm I'll have a Coke... How about you Katie?" I said.

"Erm, same I guess," Katie replied and looked up at me with her chestnut eyes. Was it too early to kiss her? Was there a rule against that... I didn't know! I guessed it was probably too early and I should wait to see how the night went.

I paid the bartender and Katie and I went to go find a table. We sat next to the window and the sun was slowly setting outside. It was possibly one of the most beautiful sun sets I'd ever seen, but I was too fixated on Katie's face and she was too fixated on mine for us to care.

"So uhm Dan, why are you in London with no money?" She laughed to break the silence.

"I just decided to come down here, but I must have lost my credit card or left it at home. I'm not sure," I too, laughed.

"Oh right, you don't live with anyone, a roommate or anything? She asked.

"Uhm well I do have a roommate but we kinda haven't spoke for a while," I stared out of the window for a moment. "But that doesn't matter anymore, it's all about the here and now, right?"

"Hell yeah!" Katie laughed.

Not so long later, we'd finished our meal and we're just talking about random things, I'd found out that Katie was a video game geek, a lot like myself and we both loved music, especially muse, you me at six and all time low!

After we'd fangirled over our favourite bands sheer perfection, we moved onto video games and I found out that she loved skyrim, which was awesome! She hadn't yet found out that I was a youtuber, but I didn't particularly want her to know if I wa honest because for once, I felt like a normal person and not someone who everyone liked purely because I made a few crappy videos on YouTube commenting on my life failures! I felt normal and happy, something I hadn't felt for a while!

"Time for KARAOKEEEE!" I screamed when the man on the microphone announced that it was 10pm and the singing would be commencing in under 5 minutes. "I have the perfect song!" I told Katie as I grabbed her hand and pulled her off her chair towards the stage and tables and chairs around it.

"Wait here, I'll tell them our song," I told Katie as we reached a table and I left to get our spot in the line up!

Under a few minutes later I re appeared at our table, but Katie was accompanied by someone else as well. She looked so awkward as they talked to her.

"Hi mate, what you doing?" I said to the guy who was talking.

"Oh thank god you're back Dan!" Katie said with a sigh of relief. "You can go now Jeremy," she said in an even tone.

"Well call me?" The myserious Jeremy person said as he wrote down a number on a napkin, handed it to Katie and glared at me as he left.

"Who was that?" I asked Katie.

"No one, just some stupid, probably drunk guy, ignore him."

"Okay... Hope he didn't bother you too much. Do you want me to go say something to him?" I asked, acting hard, but on the inside I was hoping that she said no so that I didn't embarrass myself, that guy looked a lot more tougher than me.

"No, no Dan it's fine! Don't worry about it. Lets just enjoy our night," she said and smiled at me like an angel. Again, we talked about lots of random things until it was our karaoke turn!

"Right, you're singing the lyrics that are in blue and I'm singing the pink ones," I told Katie.

Then the music started. Katie looked gob smacked and I laughed at her. She obviously didn't like my choice of song!

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