Phils anger

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--- Phil---

"What was Dan here for?" I asked Courtney as soon as Dan had hastily left her apartment.

"Umm nothing. He just wanted to talk to me about something," she replied but it seemed although she was hiding something, something big.

"What was the 'something' about?" I asked her. I knew how paranoid and controlling I sounded but I couldn't help it.

Thoughts were streaming through my mind and non of them were very positive about my relationship with Courtney.

Was she cheating on me with Dan? How long had she been doing this to me? Why would Dan hurt me like this? How had our relationship gone wrong? What had I done to deserve the pain I was feeling?

"It was just about some feelings he has and stuff like that."

Feelings? Feelings for what?! Courtney maybe?! They were together!

"I-I need to go. I have something important I need to do," I lied.

Why didn't I just tell her. I backed away towards the door as quickly as I could without seeking desperate to get away.

"Oh ok. Remember we've got a date on Thursday. Three thirty. Your place," she said just as I closed the door behind me.

This couldn't be happening! I thought I trusted her. She was my world and much more!

Once I saw Dan, he wouldn't know what hit him and there was NO way he was staying in our apartment for the night. NO WAY!

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