search party- Phil

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“Not helping!” I panicked and grabbed my keys from the side of my bed.

“Where are you going?” Courtney said in a rush.

“To find him! Where else would I go?”

“Not without me, you’re not!”

“Or me!” Becca chirped from the living room next door.

“Fine, I guess we’re on a find Dan mission!” In any other circumstance, I might have laughed, but this was serious, anything could happen to Dan whilst he was alone, in London, with no money at all!

Courtney, Becca and I grabbed our coats off of the couch and ran out through the door, which I almost forgot to lock; I was in such a rush. Unfortunately, I hadn’t learnt how to drive, which was proving to be a very big downfall at this point, but I made sure I didn’t worry and all three of us walked... Well ran, to the nearest train station. The next train to kings cross station was in 20 Minutes, which wasn’t ideal, but it was better than nothing I guessed. We all waited, but I was too focused and worried to talk to either of them and as soon as the train stopped, I was first to stand and run to the train ready to board as soon as the automatic doors slid open. I was sat on my seat and pulled out my phone to try ring Dan before Courtney or Becca had ever boarded the train!

I rang Dan, but the phone didn’t ring, it just went straight to answer phone.

“He’s not answering!” I cried and threw my phone onto the seat next to me, which wasn’t such a good idea since it bounced and landed under the passenger’s seat across the walk way. “Oh, great!” I sighed and had to go through the embarrassment of explaining to that passenger that my phone was under his seat. Really not what I needed to do and have him suspiciously glancing at me for the entire journey.

Almost as soon as the door opened for me to step off the train, I was off like a bullet through the stampedes of people. I couldn’t remember London being so busy, last time I had been there, the crowds of people were moderately small... maybe it was shopping season now, I didn’t know. When Courtney and Becca finally caught up with me, Courtney grabbed my shoulder, looked me straight in the eye and said in a calm voice, “Calm down, rushing isn’t helping anything, you need to look out for him and slow down!”

“But then I won’t be able to cover as much ground. I NEED to find him! Do you understand?” I shouted as I held her shoulders and shook her. Maybe that would knock some sense into her.

“I know Phil, but we can split up, did you ever think of that? No, because you’re too busy freaking out! Dan is old enough to look after his self, money or no money! I don’t know why I even agreed to this! You need to calm the hell down!” Courtney yelled at me and a few people’s heads turned to look at us, but they carried on walking, obviously arguments were normal in the middle of the street in London.

I sighed, “I know, I’m sorry, I’m just so worried for him, you know he’s like my younger brother and he’s my best friend, I’m allowed to worry about him aren’t I.”

“I know, but you get too carried away with these things, you need to just calm down, take a deep breath and keep your eyes peeled for Dan.”

“Could I just suggest we continue looking and not fight? It’s just, it’s starting to get dark and I’d rather book into a hotel than look in the middle of London for Dan at night, it’s not exactly safe is it.” Becca told us as soon as she had the chance.

“Good point; you’ve both got phones right?”                        

“Yes” they both confirmed in a unison.

“Good, I’ll go this way, Courtney you go that way,” I said pointing left down a road. “And Becca, you go that way,” I said pointing right down the same road. “Ring if you find him, or get into any kind of trouble and we’ll meet here in..” I checked my phone. “Two hours, that makes it 7pm, is that ok?”

“Yes,” they both said again.

“Right, then we’re off!” I said and couldn’t help sounding slightly excited, I felt like I was solving some sort of murder mystery, except there wouldn’t be any murders... I hoped.

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