Dans date

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I had a date? Was this for real? Katie had paid for me another night in the hotel room and I was so grateful for it all! She'd also asked me out for a meal in some expensive restaurant a few blocks away. London was great and a new, better beginning for me. Anyway, I was to meet Katie in the lobby at 6:30pm to go out and I had precisely 2 hours 27minutes left to make myself look a little better and not as scruffy!

I didn't have any posh clothes really, only band T-shirts, skinny jeans and hoodies, so the clothing department was exactly my expertise! However, I had plenty of practise in the hair part! In my toiletry bag was a comb, shampoo (strawberry because I like the smell of fruit) and a can of hairspray to keep my hair in place when I was done! I honestly don't use much hairspray, only a light dusting to keep my hair in the correct place, but not enough to make it look hard and greasy!

Quickly, I showered and dried my hair with a towel and then used the hairdryer that was already in the room to finish drying it. Then I combed my hair and made sure it was positioned correctly before I used hairspray to keep it like that. Then I had to choose what clothes to wear. After lots of debating and outfit changes, I decided on my black skinny jeans and a muse T-shirt in attempt to look reasonably smart, but I kind of failed at that part.

Hopefully, Katie wouldn't be too embarrassed to be seen with me. I just had to hope for the best.

I got down to the lobby with a few minutes to spare, so I bought Katie and I a drink with the limited amount of money I had in my wallet. Then I saw her walking down the stairs and realised that she too was wearing a band T-shirt! It was a you me at six T-shirt and she too was wearing jeans! She looked stunning, but I also didn't expect her to dress so casual.

"Umm, hi, you look great," I said, stuck for words. It wasn't that she looked bad, I just guessed that if she was going to a posh restaurant, she'd dress like they did in the movies. I guessed I watched to much tv!

"Thanks," she said and smiled. "You look great too." She laughed. "Nice T-shirt!"

"Same to you. To be honest I didn't expect you to wear a band T-shirt," I said and once the words had left my lips I regretted it. Way to go Dan! Ruin your first date for ages by saying something as stupid as that! I screamed at myself in my head, wishing I could take it back.

"Why wouldn't I? Not like we're going anywhere super special," she said, completely unoffended and laughed.

"Yeah," I laughed nervously, what did she mean? The place she had said sounded so posh, but I'd never thought to ask what it was. Maybe I'd just over thought everything...

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