Missing Dan more than ever

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I woke to the sound of the birds chirping outside my window and I quickly went to make myself breakfast. I ate my lion cereal, but it didn't taste of anything, neither did my coffee. The world didn't seem to be the same.

I sighed and got changed for meeting Courtney at 1pm, her lunch break. Then I realised, I didn't know where to meet her!

I found my iPhone in my jeans pocket, the ones that were about to be out in the washing machine! My iPhone could have just had a very messy ending! Then, I text Courtney asking her where I should meet her. Under ten minutes later, she replied telling me to meet her at her apartment.

I'd have to set off waking straight away if I wanted to get to her apartment for 1pm!

I reached her apartment a few minutes early so I sat on the grass and waited for her to get back. Anyone would have thought I was slightly creepy, but I didn't care. After I'd waited for a while, I saw her walking around the corner of her street and I stood up and began walking towards her.

"Hi," I said and tried to fake a smile.

"Hey Phil!" she said a lot more enthusiastically than I'd said hi.

"Sorry for annoying you this morning." I apologised.

"No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so awful and talked to you, but what's the past is the past. We can speak now right?"

"Yeah. It was actually about Dan. I don't know where he's gone."

"Oh right. I honestly don't know and he could be anywhere by now," she told me as she unlocked the door to her apartment.

"Exactly. Im worried about him Courtney. He was like my little brother and I don't want anything to happen to him!"

"Phil," she sighed "He's 20. I'm sure he'll be fine. Nothing's going to happen to him and besides, he'll probably be bak before you know it."

"How are you so sure? What did he tell you?"

"Do you want tea or coffee?" Courtney asked as she switched on the kettle and then water began bubbling.

"Erm.. Coffee please," I said. "Wait, don't change the subject! What did Dan tell you when he was at yours?"

"Do you take sugar?" she asked as she poured the water into my mug.

"No thanks. Stop changing the subject. I really need to know here he is!"

She picked up my mug from the counter and gave it to me and we both sat in the sofa.

"Basically," Courtney started and I gripped my mug tighter in suspense. "He's sick of your protective shit Phil. He doesn't want you constantly telling him what to do or you having to know what he's doing 24/7. Now he's looking for his independence without you," she explained.

I loosened my grip on the mug which was burning my hands. That was it? I was being too protective? I was the one who'd driven him away! I placed my mug on the coffee table.

"I have to go!" I said frantically and ran out of the door whist Courtney was repeatedly shouting my name, telling me to go back, but I needed to find Dan, no matter what it took!

I figured out who to call first, Becca. She would know where he was, but when I rang her, she said she hadn't seen him since the new years party when he'd got completely drunk and almost stripped in front of all we other guests. I couldn't help smiling at the memory, but it was only a memory, nothing else. I needed to find Dan, so I quickly said bye to her and called the only other person I knew he was friends with, but she lived all the way in London, so I doubted she'd know anything.

When I called Amanda, she said that Dan had been to her house, but she'd kicked him out for being a twat. He was in London?! He'd actually made it to London by himself? I was at it again! Thinking that Dan was five when he's actually four times that age! I needed to stop!

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