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We all got to Starbucks and I ordered my usual coffee whilst Courtney got a cappuccino and Becca bought a mocha.

"When I get back I'm going to quickly edit one part of the video and upload it. Going to help me edit?"

Becca and Courtney glanced at each other.

"No way!" They both said in unison

"Takes too long," Courtney moaned.

"I know it takes ages. Remember I edit every video I do and it usually takes longer. Think how I feel!" I told her.

"Remember though, you choose to spend hours editing," Becca stated and grinned.

"Remember though, you both agreed to help me make this video... Oooh!" I said, feeling victorious.

"Shut up Phil!" Courtney laughed and gently punched my shoulder. "I only agreed to see you!"

"Aw how sweet! You still have to help me edit the video," I said and laughed.

Courtney looked up at me with big eyes.

"Nope, not falling for that one." I shook my head and looked away, but quickly turned back around to kiss her.

"Not again," Becca sighed. "I'm just gonna go to the bathroom before I puke!" Then she got up and went to the bathroom. Courtney laughed and we resumed kissing.

When Becca returned, both Courtney and I had finished our kiss and we left Starbucks holding hands, our fingers intertwined and Becca walked awkwardly beside Courtney.

Once we got back to my apartment we finished editing the video and had just started uploading it when I had the feeling that I needed to call Dan.

"Just going to call Dan," I told Becca and Courtney. "Be right back." Then I left to my room and called Dan hoping that he would answer and he did! He cruelly answered his phone!

"Dan! I've been so worried! Are you ok? Where the hell are you?" I blurted.

"Calm down! I'm fine. Just in London and I'm doing fine thanks. Actually I just out with a friend at the moment so I need to go."

"Amanda? She said she wasn't talking to you," I asked him.

"No, it's someone else. Bye Phil. Don't bother calling again." Then Dan hung up. I held the phone to my ear for a small while after he'd hung up, in shock. Dan had actually hung up on me without talking to me. What had gotten into him? Why was he being so unpredictable?

"Phil are you ok?" I heard someone say outside my door.

"Yeah I'll just be a second." I stood in the same spot for a while and aimlessly stared into a void of loneliness. Dan didn't want to talk to me anymore. What had I done to upset him so much? Suddenly, it hit me, I'd ask Courtney to talk to him. She was the last person he'd talked to before he left so evidently he trusted her and rightly so, but I needed to know if he was ok.

I rushed out of my room and quickly said to Courtney in a steady flow of words, "I need you to talk to Dan. Ask him what's going in and what he's doing and where he is and why he won't talk to me. I have to know what's wrong with him. You don't actually understand how much I miss him, even the arguments. I will do anything for him to come back. Anything!"

"Ok, ok, calm down! Speak slowly and yes I will text him, but I don't know of he'll tell me anything. To be honest, I am worrying about him now. Look over there." She pointed towards the table in the corner of the room and on top of it was Dans credit card. "He has no money so god knows what he's doing and how he's surviving!"

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