Phils emptiness

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I got home from Courtney's ready to shout at Dan but when I got to the sofa where I thought he'd be sitting, there was a note. It explained about how he was feeling and that he felt like he was just making my life worse and he was leaving for a while or maybe for ever. He didn't say where though. Obviously so I couldn't follow him.

Suddenly, I needed him. Everything seemed wrong without him by my side. The world seemed a lonelier place and everything seemed empty.

"Dan!" I called, hoping that he was just joking and was really hiding and playing a prank.

No reply. He'd really gone.

Without blinking, I say myself down on the sofa in his spot where he usually sat. The note was still in my hand and I just read it over and over again. It must have been hours before I even thought to move from the position I was in.

Dan. I needed him so much. Emptiness. Was all I felt.

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