Dan calls his friend

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I couldn't face seeing Phil before I left, it would only make me want to stay longer. I knew he'd be lonely and so would I, but it was for the best. We both needed space and stuck in our apartment, we wasn't getting any space whatsoever!

My suitcase was fully packed and I made sure I had my credit cards and wallet safely in my jacket pocket. Everything was ready and I was finally leaving Manchester once and for all to live in London.

I have to admit, the train was a lot more packed then I'd thought it would have been at 11pm but the ride wasn't too uncomfortable. Except, the person behind me playing horrendous rap music ad even though it was playing through his headphones, you could still hear every word of the song. They weren't good words either. They didn't mean anything and didn't help your life in any way at all.

When the train reached the stop in London, I called Amanda and hoped that she hadn't changed her number and not told me. Luckily, she answered within the first two rings.

"Hi Amanda! It's Dan," I said, ecstatic to hear her voice once again. It had been so long since we'd last spoke!

"I know it's you Dan!" she laughed. At least someone was happy to hear my voice! "Why you calling at this time?"

"Well... Umm... I'm in London and I was wondering if I could stay at yours?" I asked her. I felt as if I shouldn't have asked her and just stayed in a bed and breakfast further night, but I had a feeling she'd be happy to let me stay with her.

"Sure. Of coarse you can. You need to explain this to me though. Is Phil with you?" she asked. Oh yes because everything was about Phil. Obviously I had NO independence at all! Everything I did was affected by Phil in some way! Well not anymore! I had a life of my own. A life that I could do anything with.

"No he's not here. If you want, I can explain over a cup of coffee?"

"Yeah sure. Where are you?"

"Just at the station a mile from yours," I told her and hoped that I'd got the right station.

"Kings cross?"

I looked around for a sign of some sort telling me where I was and I saw an over head sign that had hold lettering telling me I was at Kings cross station.

"Yep. Where'd you want me to wait?" I asked her. I had no idea what I was doing, usually Phil helped me get to the right place and helped me get around London, but of coarse, that was the past. No more help from Phil. Only the independence I wanted.

"Which station number are you at?" she asked. Ah Amanda always thinking better things than me! I was so lucky that she was there to help me get through getting around London or I'd have been completely stuck and lost.

"7" I told her and moved closer the the column in which the number was nailed on to.

"Ok I'll be thirty minutes tops." Then she hung up and all I had left to do was wait.

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