London life- dan

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Wandering London at night isn't something I'd recommend or anyone! It's the scariest task I had ever done! The amount of drunks, druggies and just plain twats hanging on the street corners was absolutely terrifying!

I needed to find a hotel, and fast! How could it be so hard in the capital city of England? Also, I needed to have something to eat before I starved!

Cautiously, I turned the corner, you never knew what was going to greet you in London, and I saw a grand hotel. It was complete with bright lights, noise and there were very modern cars parked outside of it. I was drawn towards the exterior of the hotel that I felt my feet taking me forward to the lobby of the hotel. The reception desk was in sight, but I stopped myself from moving forward anymore. No way could I afford to stay there! Everything was made of gold or diamonds and I only had about £500 in my wallet. I mean I did have credit cards but I was avoiding using them unless a huge emergency occurred. Well, finding somewhere to stay for the night was an emergency right?

I continued forward to the reception desk and behind it was a girl, possibly about the same age as me.

"Hello?" I said and she peered up from dusting the desk even though it was already completely spotless and didn't need to be cleaned anymore than it already was!

"Oh, umm, hi," she quickly said as she hid the duster underneath the counter. "Do you want a room?"

I reconsidered getting a room. Was it the right thing to spend my money on?

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