from a distance || albw

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in the darkness of lorule, there was her.

a shining girl, free of any corruption. she was so, so kind. almost too kind.
for the last couple of months they had kept each others laughing and smiling.

the cup of warm milk rested against his palm. blue eyes searched [e/c] eyes- but those [e/c] orbs escaped their mutual eye contact every moment they could.

her voice was calming and soothing.
it was something all of lorule desperately needed to hear.

"how does your quest go?"

[y/n] smiled sweetly, crossing her legs. she sat at her table with link, examining the handsome blonde hero.
she deeply admired him, but that's not something she'd say so openly.

link smiled, brushing his golden-colored bangs out of his face.

"the same as always. i don't understand how you can be so..peaceful in a world like this one. there's monsters roaming everywhere."

[y/n] let out laughs of sweet bells, the corners of her eyes crinkling up. link's cheeks burned in sudden embarrassment, not expecting such a positive reaction.
she grinned, her pearly whites exposing themselves.

"lorule wasn't always like this. it was lovely. there'd be fields of flowers everywhere and pretty blue skies..."

a short breath left past her lips, her eyes looking down from the hero's.

"i'd always wander outside as a child. my parents would scold me."

[y/n] weakly laughed, shaking her head.
link gave a full-hearted smile, placing his hand on top of her resting hand on the table.

[y/n] looked up at him in confusion, raising an eyebrow. she acknowledged that the emotion in his eye's has changed.

"what are you-"

"come with me to hyrule,"

wait, what?

the pretty maidens mouth became dry and her cheeks warm.

link spoke again, wanting to convey the message further.

"come with me to hyrule. after this whole situation is fixed, i want you to accompany me back home."

[y/n] was frozen in place. what was she supposed to say? lorule had been her home since before she was out of the womb!

"w-wait- isn't this too sudden? link, i've lived here all my life and-"


"i-i don't know.."

she pulled her hand away, her gaze falling every except him.

link felt instances of hot and cold flashes fill his body, suddenly feeling his heart beat increase.

well, it was now or never. he knew that he'd probably never have such another great opening as this one.

he swallowed hard, inhaling a sharp breath.

"i...i'm in love with you."

as if things couldn't become any more tense, [y/n]'s ears widened in shock- her skin becoming something of a deep red.

her heart leaped in her chest, taken up by link's sudden confession.
she carefully looked at him, instantly noticing the amount of sincerity in his blue orbs.

"...did i hear you..correctly?"

link bit his lip softly, nodding his head slowly.

"i love you. i've uh...felt something for you since i first interacted with you. i've only just noticed that..these feelings were something of deep affection- not admiration."

'oh goddesses.'

so much was running through her head.
the young girl wouldn't lie, she did harbor some form of affection for the hero.

who wouldn't?

he was valiant, strong, and so,so kindhearted.

link pursed his lips together, his eyes drowning in hopefulness.
he had told himself not to fall in love with her, for he knew that when his time to leave lorule came their farewells would gravely leave a hole in his chest.

" please. going back to hyrule without you won't feel good. "

link intently gazed at her, [y/n]'s own eyes staring at his. and suddenly, she spoke- breaking the the intense staring contest.

she raised her hands towards his face, cupping his face. the moment was nothing but a parade of tender love.

"i'll go with you."

[a/n: pardon my inactivity! testing has rolled around in my school and i've spent my days studying :(
i've also been sobbing my eyes out since i watched endgame so—]

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