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7 years without any knowledge of what was happening in the outside world.

when link awoke from his long slumber, he didn't expect hyrule to be so barren and glum.
what's more, he didn't expect his childhood home to he so corrupted.

link was absolutely breathless when he set foot into the kokiri forest. the area had been deprived of its beautiful green grass and flowery scenery.

just looking at the dull view made him feel uncomfortable.

link was careful when advancing, yet his eyes were recklessly searching for the figure of a certain 'kokiri'.

link continued his path, arriving at one of the small wooden homes.
he instantly recognized the home as the one of the three triplets- their eyes looking at link in curiosity as he leaned down to step in.

the blonde spoke out softly, his voice smooth.
"excuse me, but do you perhaps know of-"

he was swiftly interrupted.

"an adult?! how did you get in here?-"

"hey! for some reason you look familiar.."

"why are you dressed in clothing similar to ours?-"

the questions kept coming and going, link frantically trying to answer them all. he was trying to be as polite as possible, but really he came here for something else.

"well- yes because i'm- the reason why i'm- no, but!-"

and finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"can i just please speak?!"

his voice boomed out against the three kokiri's, causing them to jump back in sudden surprise.
they gulped and nodded, silencing themselves.

link sighed in relief, rubbing his temples.

"i'm looking for the whereabouts of a kokiri named [y/n]. does she...still live here?.."

the triplets all looked at him in shock, their faces soon morphing to ones of laughter.

one of them managed to breathlessly stammer our a sentence while he laughed.

"[y/n]?! she is no kokiri! that hylian left the forest 4 years ago! she..she had no place in the forest after she began to grow older than us all! she's like that link kid that left years ago too!"

link's heart suddenly leaped in his chest.
did he hear him right?

the blonde spoke cautiously.

"did you say..hylian?.."

a taunting smile graced the features of the young kokiri. the other two twins seized their laughter, paying close attention to what he had to say.

"you bet! after that other blonde kid left, it took a small amount of time until [y/n] began to develop further than we could! turns out, she was hylian all along as well!"

one of the other triplets spoke, adding an emphasis to the surprise.

"can you believe it?! two hylian's stayed in our forest and we had no idea about it! it was quite something."

link didn't say anything. he was rather shocked himself. all that ran through his head was [y/n].

hylian, hylian, hylian. all along, she was a child of hylia too.

link looked up at the three kokiri once more, his facial expression more determined than ever.

"did she ever say where she was headed after she left the forest?.."

one of the triplets shrugged, scratching his arm.

"nope! she only mentioned something about wanting to search for link. but, that kid has been gone for years! probably dead by now. both of them."

no, no, no. that's not at all what he wanted to hear. she had to be out there somewhere.

link instantly turned his back on the trio, causing a sound of questioning sounds to come from them.

"hey! where are ya going?"

link looked back momentarily- his eyes gleaming with nothing but vigor. he knew what he needed to do.

"i'm going to search for [y/n]. she can't be dead."

the kokiri children only shrugged in response, really unable to give more of their input.
the middle child waved his hand, almost as if wanting link to leave.

"suit yourself! but considering what happened to hyrule, i believe you'll need the goddesses on your side if you wanna find her!.."

link was quick to leave the kokiri forest.
he knew he had other responsibilities to tend to, but his overwhelming curiosity got the best of him.

he knew that he needed to see his dear friend again; and he'd go any length and height to find her.


[a/n: hiya! this is just a friendly pa that this particular one shot will come in a set of two. if you all haven't noticed, this is part one. part two is currently in the making!]

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