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[y/n] was direly sick, and it was all link's fault.

she knew it was a stupid idea to listen to him and swim out into the beach at night: for it had gave her a ravenous headache, and a sick tummy.
[y/n] rolled herself up in the blankets, her cheeks a bright red as she slept.

an awkward knock came at her door, causing her to stir awake.
"who is it?.."

it was the same soft, boyish voice that had lured her into the beach a couple days ago.

"it's link.."

a groan was heard from her, causing her to hide her face in the pillow.

"go awayyy.."

link sighed and opened the door to her bedroom anyway, standing awkwardly in his blue lobster shirt.

"im sorry, [y/n]..i didn't think you'd be feeling..this terrible!.."

he sat on the edge of her bed, watching her move her head towards him followed by an ugly glare from her.

"wow, that makes me feel sooo much better- thanks.."

she threw the covers over her head, link letting out another hopeless sigh.
"i..i brought you some of my grandmothers soup- i know how much you like it too!.."

[y/n] hummed out in reply, link finally getting sick of her stubbornness.

"alright, don't want to talk to me, then fine. i'll make you.."

[y/n] raised an eyebrow, a confused expression on her face.

"make me? what are you—"

then, her covers flew off of her. link grabbed both of [y/n]'s wrists, pinning them both above her head.

[y/n]'s eyes widened, her cheeks setting more ablaze than they already were.

"LINK! you idiot! let go of me!-"

link rolled his eyes, leaning in closer towards her face.

"i feel bad that i got you sick so, the only solution is for me to be sick with you.."

his breath hit her lips, her eyes widening in realization of what he was about to do.

"link, wait-"

he roughly pressed his lips against [y/n], silencing any protests she had in store.

surely enough, it was good enough for him to be sick within the next three days.


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