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warnings: just some good ol' fashioned slight nsfw/smut under the cut. if you're not comfortable with such themes, please don't read then! thank you.


     "you haven't changed much, you know. i can still that childish-look in your eyes..."

she could feel the blonde smile against the nape of her neck. he continued to place lingering kisses along her jawline and collarbone which caused goosebumps to run up and down her arms.
he worked his way up to her earlobe and gently nibbled it. the female let out a quiet gasp and her grip on his shoulder slightly tightened.

a breathy laugh escaped link and he pulled away, continuously pressing heated kisses to her lips as he backed her against a wall.

"i'm no longer the child i was seven years ago, [y/n]. and as i can see, you're no longer the same girl as well."

[y/n] swallowed the hard lump in her throat as her hands traced over link's chest, admiring his abs (that had formed over the course of his battles.)
link's own ungloved hands wandered down and up her maidens dress, squeezing and rubbing her thighs.

[y/n] let out an audible content sigh and felt a certain warmth pool in-between her legs. she felt butterflies in her stomach and she already desperately knew that she wanted link more than ever.

[y/n] quickly wrapped her legs around the handsome blonde's waist and let herself be carried over to her bed. she went straight to work and unbuckled the hero's belt. She pulled it off with ease, earning a low chuckle from link.

his blue eyes flickered from her lips to her vivid [e/c] eyes.

"well, you went straight to work, huh?..."

the [h/c]-haired female's cheeks set aflame in embarrassment: in which link believed to be cute. her words were messy and yet, somewhat fathomable.
[y/n] gave him a sheepish smile in return, feeling as link already began to pull and tug her dress off.

"you're just as eager as me, hero."

a hum of approval escaped the male hylian. link couldn't deny he was excited to lay his hands upon her bare skin.

she was his childhood darling. he still remembers seeing her in the castle town, playing with all of the running dogs and dancing along with the music played by the street musician.

[y/n] was a catch from the beginning. he counted himself lucky to have been able to find her in kakariko village, where she claimed it was safe from ganondorf's grasp.

smart girl.

link slipped off [y/n]'s dress with ease. he admired every crevice, bump, and 'imperfection' on her body. link's ungloved hands lingered over the bare skin of her stomach and bare legs as he finished pulling the dress off.
link couldn't use words to describe the emotion he felt at the moment. his eyes glazed over her figure with such interest, that it of course freaked out the hylian female.

[y/n]'s eyes filled with worry as soon as link became silent. maybe he didn't like her form- or perhaps he decided this was a mistake.

"link?- is everything okay? we can stop if-"

"you're stunning."

her sentence died in her mouth as a strained sound of surprise erupted from her throat. she really wasn't expecting him to be blunt.
her [e/c] eyes searched his and she only found genuine and deep sincerity in link's dazzling sky blue eyes.

[y/n] eyes filled with joyous tears as she awkwardly smiled at him, pulling link's hand close to her and intertwining it with her own fingers.

"thank you, link. that..means a lot."

[y/n] was not insecure about her body, oh no. the young woman loved herself very much and knew she didn't need validation from anyone to assure herself that she is beautiful. she is just bashful when it came to share intimate, sweet moments such as her current one with link.

[y/n] leaned in and placed another heated kiss onto link's pinks lips. he quickly reciprocated and let his bare hands wander up and down the female's body. with her permission, he softly kneaded and squeezed her breasts. of course, [y/n] gave nothing but positive feedback to his actions.

her own hands wandered to link's body. one of her [s/c]-colored hands traveled up his loose tunic to touch his bare, well-built abs and chest- while the other fell to his most intimate are; shamelessly fondling and palming his clothed member.

a series of gasps, moans, and low grunts would escape each of their mouths and pass their lips.

it didn't take much time until link was pummeling into [y/n] with high-speed thrusts that caused her to writhe underneath link while giving him motivating praises and squeaks of approval.
most of the sound in the room consisted of nothing but skin-against-skin slapping, squeaking, moans, grunts, and sweet words. (oh, and of course some occasional giggles would appear too.)

the night was long, and link was ultimately grateful to spend it in the arms of his loved-one. link felt lovesick.
the only thing saddening the blonde was that he knew that he'd have to return to his childhood once his journey was over.
that meant [y/n] would have no memory of the intimate night they shared together and his various confessions of love during it.

however, link definitely planned on finding her once he returned to his original time.
he knew he'd find her dancing with the dogs and laughing in the castle town just as he had seen her when they first met.

and then at the end of it all, she'd be his again- and he'd be hers as well.


[a/n: will i ever write a full on detailed smut? who knows lmao. this slightly detailed smut was enough to make me feel awkward for the rest of the day. perhaps one day i'll be brave enough!!]

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