roses || oot

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" come and get your roses! they're beautiful and fresh! give it to your...boyfriend or girlfriend!.."

she was adorable- and loud.
but that was sufficient enough to catch the eye of the blue-eyed child.

link had acknowledged that she smelt like the roses she sold in castle town; it was a scent that filled him with vigor every time he would speak with her.

before he knew it, he was completely smitten.
link would find any simple excuse to sneak away from his quest and see her.
if it was to show her a rock from death mountain, a bottled fairy he had caught, or his new hylian shield- he would be there.

the name that excited him so much every day

" [y/n].. "

and once again, link stood in front of her all over. he had grown to be a handsome, young man.

the roses looked pretty as always; a vague contrast to the grim expression her tombstone bore.

link could only feel as his heart was torn apart, the seemingly endless rain falling onto him.
he sobbed and mourned; and it was an ugly, sad scene.
nonetheless, it took all of his hurt courage and self-strength to get up and leave the place: for he knew he had a journey to complete.

but, never had the roses looked as lovely as they did in that moment before.

and link saw that as well.


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