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never had she found such peace in her home.

her [e/c] eyes flickered open only to see the pale tan ceiling above her. it took a couple of blinks for her to regain her normal vision. the pretty woman's breathing soon become stabilized after she regained consciousness that it was, in fact, morning.

the [h/c]-haired woman went to sit-up, but found herself stopped by a heavy arm draped over her waist.

she found herself glancing over to gaze at her sleepy husband, his mop of dirty blonde hair sprawled all over his pillow. she laughed softly at the scene, attempting to lift his arm up with her hand. that only resulted in his grip becoming tighter around her body.

"don't get up. at least not yet..."

the young women sighed profoundly and laid back down, pressing a kiss to the man's chapped lips. he responded by breathing in her sweet aroma and eagerly leaving more quick pecks onto her lips. she laughed, trying to pull away from his embrace.

"link, come on. it's time to get up.."

   the hero grumbled in response, shaking his head 'no'. his grip around her tightened, her face beginning to press into the crook of his neck more. an embarrassed blush soon began to form onto [y/n]'s cheeks.
link's raspy morning voice soon resonated softly in his throat.

"please, it's been years since i've had such peace. let me self-indulge just a bit more, my love."

the red tint on her cheeks only worsened at his sentence. nonetheless, [y/n] sucked in a deep breath and relaxed into his hold. link was glad to had received such a calm reaction from her.

her [s/c]-colored hands found themselves in his hair. they twirled and combed his dirty blonde locks with subtle interest.

"alright, alright...but you're making breakfast. you're far better at cooking than i am."

link laughed once more, nodding his head. his fingers grazed the bottom of her chin as he lifted [y/n]'s head up. link placed a delicate kiss onto her lips, causing both of their eyes to flutter shut.

if one thing was for sure, it's that link truly loved his darling wife until the ends of time. his suffering during his long adventure to save hyrule was all the more worth it if it meant he could be with his love.

it certainly paid off.


[a/n: what the s hit i'm,,, so excited for the breath of the wild sequel !!!! i pray that nintendo will at last let me enjoy more miphlink moments and cute short-haired zelda scenes. nintendo direct fed me good :")) shout out to shigeru miyanoto !!! <3

oh and also, happy pride month. i'm a bit late, but i'm more than happy to celebrate a month dedicated to empowering the lgbtq+ community and to raise awareness. you guys are real champs ♥︎ ]

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