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The Oblivion (Fierce Deity Link x Reader) by lilginger73
The Oblivion (Fierce Deity Link x...by Just call me Ginger!
Unknown, indifferent, omnipotent, in other words my living hell. Is this not my prison? Banished, feared by the Goddess herself, until a puny mortal soul lends their lif...
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Link x Reader | One Shots by meow-ing
Link x Reader | One Shotsby Cat ♡
link x reader one shots to keep you up all night (or all day lol) ✨ mostly modern!link and sometimes time, twi, sky, wild, and hywa (hyrule warriors) ✨ it's free to imag...
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The Second Princess | Dark Link x Reader by FandomSenpai
The Second Princess | Dark Link x...by かちえ 💕🌻
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[EDITING] BoTW Oneshots by rin-phoenix
[EDITING] BoTW Oneshotsby obscure memes
- Requests CLOSED - MOST LIKELY CONTAINS SPOILERS! Alrighty, y'all want some BoTW fluff? You came to the right place. This was originally a BoTW Link x Reader, (I cha...
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Crave You | Dark Link x Reader x Link by Phantomhive_Butler
Crave You | Dark Link x Reader x L...by Fantumhive Buttlr
There is always a hero and a villain. _____ _____ is somehow caught in the world of The Legend of Zelda. As a fan of the games, she is both excited and terrified, knowi...
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Before the Calamity by nayrus_love
Before the Calamityby literal SCUM
This is the story of Link and Zelda and their travels together before the Great Calamity hit. It's the story of their relationship and adventures, some which are seen in...
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The Heroes' Rebirth | BOTW Sequel/Zelink (The Legend of Zelda) by HeroOfRhythm
The Heroes' Rebirth | BOTW Sequel...by HeroOfRhythm
~This is a COMPLETED fan-made sequel to Breath of the Wild and Zelink fanfic~ It has been six months after the defeat of Calamity Ganon. Peace and rebirth are beginning...
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Angel Fish (SidLink) by SugarCookieOaks
Angel Fish (SidLink)by OaK
"Link never gets enough credit, it seems as if people forgot everything he's done for us, he was just lumped back into the old routine of following the Princess aro...
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Link x Reader | Boyfriend Scenarios (requests currently closed) by meow-ing
Link x Reader | Boyfriend Scenario...by Cat ♡
link x reader boyfriend scenarios to keep you up all night (or all day lol) ✨ will include time, twi, sky, wild, and hywa (hyrule warriors) and occasional modern!au ✨ i...
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The Silent Princess by Zelink2408
The Silent Princessby Fierce Deity
Zelda and Link have finally reunited after the Calamity, and there's a lot to do to restore Hyrlue to its former glory. On their adventures together, Link and Zelda get...
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The legend of (y/n) (Link x reader x Dark Link oneshots) by Maria_Cat_
The legend of (y/n) (Link x reader...by Maria
One shots. I will announce when requests are open! ~ Foxy_Fazbear_
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After the Calamity by nayrus_love
After the Calamityby literal SCUM
A sequel to my story, Before the Calamity. After the fight with Ganon, Link and Zelda are reunited. However, things are not as perfect as they should be. The two of t...
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Dark Link x Link Images/Imágenes by KatiraLovely
Dark Link x Link Images/Imágenesby 🍬[Katira]🥐
My favorite couple from The Legend of Zelda The images that I will upload are not mine, belong to their respective owners. Nothing is mine... Dark Link,Link and The Lege...
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Free to Love - A Zelda x Link Fanfiction by lewd_lemons
Free to Love - A Zelda x Link Fanf...by Lemonhead Jane
Before the rise of Calamity Ganon, Princess Zelda of Hyrule was appointed to travel across the lands. She was to learn about the technologies of the ancient civilization...
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Mute - Zelink Modern AU by LegendOfZelle
Mute - Zelink Modern AUby Shine
Link is known to be a man of few words. In this case, it is completely true. He has been mute since he was very little, no one knows why. As you can probably expect, oth...
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Link x reader by Kayla1928
Link x readerby Kayla
So I wrote this 4 years ago so I do ask you be mindful of the cheesiness and the typos. Please. I do not like negative comments and if I see them they will be deleted. T...
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desert flower  by starbiits
desert flower by ¡im the hero!
[ link + f!reader oneshots - requests open ] perhaps he could make her happy. *** " a desert flower can live and grow where nothing else can. It can survive bad tim...
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One of the Others by Fitira
One of the Othersby ew
Written in your point of view, your family is aquatinted with the royal family as your (G/N) (Guardian's Name) is a knight under King Rhoam's command. Although, you too...
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Riptide (Zelink|Modern AU) by Sunshinehappygirl81
Riptide (Zelink|Modern AU)by Sunshinehappygirl81
Link is a ranch hand from Ordon who yearns for a life of adventure. With a suitcase and a guitar, Link moves to Castle Town. He had no idea he would spend his first nigh...
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Breath of the Wild - One Shots by Minsyal
Breath of the Wild - One Shotsby Minsyal
One-shots supplied from my tumblr "Minsyal." If you wish to request, please send me an ask there! If anyone wants to make me a cover, that would be 100%
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