a town with an ocean view || ww

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"you would've loved the great blue, [y/n]. i met talking fish..controlled the wind to my
will- it was quite something."

link meekly laughed, laying down on the grass. his vivid blue eyes searched the summer sky above him.

the forest of fairies peak was full of grassy land and a warm breeze. link loved spending his time up there, even though he was always slightly terrified to cross the weak bridge.

the only reason he tolerated crossing the bride was because the peak was her favorite lookout.
they had countless memories of when they would plant flowers and care for the surrounding vegetation.

link could only let out a small smile as he suddenly felt the salty tears sting his eyes.
link suddenly sat up, sniffing as he wiped away his falling tears.

"oh goddesses, i promised i wouldn't cry this time."

the blue eyes of the blonde hero searched the pretty sky, at last letting his eyes fall to the grey, arch shaped rock.

link scoffed and grinned, sniffing once more.

"i'm sorry, [y/n]. you already know i'm a big time crybaby."

he let out a strained laugh, wanting anything but to think about her.

link gingerly placed his fingertips against the carved in words- tracing the letters of "in memory of" and "beloved."

the feeling of overwhelm soon got to him.

not being able to handle more of the sensation of his broken heart, link stood up and dusted his tunic.
he turned his back away from the tombstone, his typically cheery voice now cracky and hoarse.

link refused to let himself leave, however.
the blonde hero abruptly turned back to face the tombstone, at last collapsing to his knees as he scrambled to latch onto the stone.

" i'm so sorry i didn't take you with me. i'm so sorry i wasn't able to be there with you."

intense sobs left his throat.

his arms wrapped around the side of the cold stone, desperately wanting to feel the warm body of his once lively friend.

"i'm so sorry i couldn't support you through your illness."

not even the heavy breeze of the wind was able to wipe away his collapsing tears.

all it did was carry the meaning of his heartbroken words with it.

"i'm sorry."

[a/n: how's that for angsty ww link huh >:))]

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