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[a/n: you're welcome to listen to the song listed above. i thought it would be a nice touch to listen to while reading. i would start right as the singing part begins.]

" her name is [y/n] [l/n]. a lovely girl who has no choice but to trail behind the heroes of old and new, with no hope of ever winning their affection. it's a cynical pattern of frustration and tears; for it is one she will have to live through forever. "

his eyes squinted slightly, slowly growing accustomed to the bright light outside of the shrine.

link's icy-blue eye's landed on the figure that stood at the edge of the cliff. a sense of familiar recognition grew in him, so he couldn't help but advance forward.

his gaze examined the woman carefully, until he involuntary opened his mouth. his memory was foggy, but something about her called his interior. link's chapped lips hoarsely called out her name.


the [h/c] haired girl turned her head to look at the approaching dirty blonde. an immediate look of bitter happiness rose onto her features.

deep down, she knew it was her link.
maybe she'd have to live all those moments of colliding rejection and heart break, but she'd do it just for him.

" the one and only. i'm supposing you'"

link nodded, a small smile appearing on his lips. his eyebrows furrowed as his eyes watered.

" uh, i think so. "

[y/n] softly chuckled, motioning her hand to come towards her. her eyes returned to the landscape in front of them. she nodded her head towards hyrule castle, her eyes inspecting the swirling malice around it.

" i see one hundred years of sleep can really rack your brain, hm?..well let's get going. we can't keep our princess zelda waiting, can we? we have a mission to complete, hero."

link had no absolute idea of what she was talking about, but his eyes still radiated with the same vigor from years ago. he nodded his head in agreement.

"um- of course.."

he made his way over slowly, somewhat admiring the way the light hit her hair. a tantalizing look of confusion and excitement washed over his features.

saving hyrule was going to be a long and rigorous journey. they'd laugh, cry, and fight alongside each other.

fleeting memories of their past would saunter to their minds, but they'd only be able to smile at them.

maybe in the couple of months they'd spend together she could find her happiness. even if it was laid upon heartbreak and distance. well, at least that's what she had told herself.

link quietly walked down the path with her, the sheikah slate on his hip glowed with an orange pigment. never had he ever felt such peace with a person.
his ears would perk at the sound of a chirping bird.

link cleared his throat and spoke cautiously. however, he was still rather bold with his choice of words.

" you're beautiful. "

" and perhaps just this time, it could be different for her too. for them. "

" and you're everything i've ever wanted for years. "


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