cruelty || botw

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"you know i can't return your feelings, link."

the afternoon was quiet. the grass tickled her hands gently and the winds slowly tousled his hair.

" i know. "

with glassy eyes, she looked up at her charming hero, his eyes full of sadness as well.

the view in front of them was beautiful. silent princesses covered the meadow and field, their petals slowly moving.

" i really wish you could, though..."

she laughed bitterly, a few tears escaping past her eyes.

" i know. "

being the younger sister of princess zelda was a cruel fate. she never asked for it, and perhaps she didn't want it.
yes, [y/n] loved zelda with all her heart, but royalty wasn't her cup of tea.

most of all, an arranged wedding with prince sidon of the zora's wasn't her dream.
she wanted hyrule's hero, the hylian champion, and her darling hero in blue, link.

but roughly, that was also forbidden. [y/n] was engaged and prince sidon had fallen in love with her. sidon knew of her feelings for link, but still persisted on wanting to give them a try.

so, when the day of their wedding hit, [y/n] cried and cried. she didn't want this, but she did it anyway, for the sake of hylian's and zora's.

seeing her stand next to sidon killed him. link's eye could only reflect sadness and want, as for zelda's eyes shone with pride and happiness for her sister.

[y/n]'s negligence to love sidon failed multiple times. she felt horrid that she couldn't reciprocate what he felt for her.

cruelty was an emotion that basked daily in link and [y/n]'s lives. perhaps it would always torment them.

it was cruel indeed.


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