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link was tired.

he had been running all over termina- and it was always the same thing over and over. it was starting to deprive him of his stamina.

except now, as he sat next to a close friend of his on a winding hill— most of his exhaustion went away.

he looked over at the girl, noticing that she was picking at the grass.

it made link laugh on the inside, as she reminded him of someone dear to him.

they both looked so similar.
he couldn't help but stare in astonishment.

the [h/c] hair, the pretty [s/c] skin, her smile, facial structure- everything.


everything reminded the blonde hero of her, but an unwanted sadness settled into his stomach. he wanted to feel comforted- not troubled.


maybe..it was because he's been in termina too long. maybe the thought of her possibly forgetting him had been the thing to upset him.

he didn't want her to forget him.

but, link has been traveling around termina for weeks now.

by now, he was sure that she'd started carving out her life without him in it.

that would be a cruel fate.

but no, no, no. he couldn't possibly have those thoughts. besides, he had told himself-

"link! is something wrong?"

and suddenly, he was pulled away from his intrusive thoughts by a familiar voice.

his blue eyes flickered in reaction, a bit embarrassed to have been caught staring too long.

"hm? oh- i'm fine! sorry."

the female next to him let out a small sigh, furrowing her eyebrows.

"are you sure?...you were kind of staring and i called your name multiple times."

the hero's blue eyes moved from the girls cheeks to her eyes. they were a sad honey-grey color.

he hated her eyes.

those aren't [y/n]'s eyes.

link didn't have the guts to tell the girl that though. he wanted to be polite.
besides, this termina counterpart was the closest he could get to [y/n].

he'd have to live with it until he left.

nonetheless, link smiled and nodded his head. he looked away quickly, staring off into the grassy field in front of the two.

"yeah i'm okay..it's just.."

he knew the moon would come crashing down any time soon.

he was already prepared for that impact, though.

"come home, link."

link looked over at the familiar girl once more, smiling at her without a specific emotion in kind.

"you remind me of someone i know."

soon after he spoke, the surrounding area began to heat up and become a light red hue.


[a/n: fellas,,,i have reached 10k reads on this book and i just wanted to say thank you for the continued support! this means a ton to me:) ]

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