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All Link X Reader Oneshots by lozlinkaddict
All Link X Reader Oneshotsby lozlinkaddict
REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! I've been having ideas recently, and I need somewhere to write them down. I apologize if they don't meet your expectations, but please give fe...
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Legend of Zelda RP by Sugarspice440
Legend of Zelda RPby Aria Napol
It's in the title, so have fun
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The Wind Waker: A Legend of Zelda Novel by Awesome-astronaut
The Wind Waker: A Legend of awesome astronaut
On a journey to save his sister, a boy is caught in a struggle older than the great sea. ====== One thousand years ago, the greatest hero of all Time fought against Time...
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❛ Accident ❜ )) The Legend of Zelda by hitxrinboenvy
❛ Accident ❜ )) The Legend of Zeldaby ❏ ↳
❝ De tantas veces que había utilizado la Ocarina del Tiempo, era demasiado difícil que se equivocara a la hora de tocar una canción, por no decir que era prácticamente i...
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Link Boyfriend Scenarios  by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
Link Boyfriend Scenarios by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
This is a rewrite of a story I enjoyed. The Link (lmao get it?) will be in the description Also, there will be swearing because I'm like that...
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🌟Najma's Book of Requests🌟 by AmaterasuAngel
🌟Najma's Book of Requests🌟by Najma
I need more practice and experimentation with writing, and what better way to do so then by opening requests! From Breath of the Wild to Skyward Sword, my current writin...
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Princess by tetra_zelda
Princessby tetra_zelda
Ah, hello. This is my first story, so please don't hate. This is about Telink (Tetra X Link), my OTP. Tetra turns into a beautiful princess, Zelda, and has to confront L...
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Unexpected Love (SonAdow - Zelda Crossover) by Alexa_Amelia
Unexpected Love (SonAdow - Zelda Alexia Alexis
Welp read to find out, but be warned that the story might slightly change. But hey, theres no spoilers i guess? Like c'mon i didnt play Majora's Mask and Wind Waka- *Sla...
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The Legend of Zelda: The Wanderer by sailortwilightt
The Legend of Zelda: The Wandererby Mimi
A young man who has been known as The Wanderer, travels through the lands and comes to the little land of Hyrule. When he bumps into a simple looking blonde girl who end...
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A ToonieVilla Fanfic~ by Starry64
A ToonieVilla Fanfic~by Starry
A really generic name, but, it's my first fanfiction. So, happy reading :3 (Credit to all artists that drew the art!)
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Random Zelda stuff! by Gingy0_0
Random Zelda stuff!by gingy
A bunch of pictures and memes I like, I don't own anything. started 08...
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Am I Into You? (Zelink Modern AU) | Legend of Zelda by jeonzelink
Am I Into You? (Zelink Modern AU) Dani
Link never took an interest in socializing with other people. He was always going to school and working so he can focus on providing a life for his little sister, Aryll...
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Hero and Pirate by HardinTwentyfive
Hero and Pirateby Hardin Twentyfive
When fate brings an island boy and a pirate girl together, things don't initially work out between them. But put them in a worldwide crisis, and guided by a talking boat...
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ƬӇЄ ԼЄƓЄƝƊ ƠƑ ȤЄԼƊƛ ƦƠԼЄƤԼƛƳby 『 вrαvє-вєαn 』
Whether it be individual or group, here you can roleplay with any character from the beloved Nintendo game series, The Legend of Zelda!
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Legend of Zelda Roleplay by -TheFallenShadow-
Legend of Zelda Roleplayby Hadria
Just a Legend of Zelda Roleplay. Heads up, I haven't played every single game and so I will only have the ones that I have played in this book.
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Immortal Life by Audra_C_E
Immortal Lifeby Audra_C_Elessedil
She's been tortured, hurt, broken, she never gave up. She was changed, from a carefree little girl to a courageous teen who would give her life for her friends. But how...
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seeing ghosts by dis_cat_ded
seeing ghostsby o o f
another Linked Universe fic! the -all- mostly lowercase is on purpose. same for the weird grammar and stuff. ~×~ "something's wrong with him. I don't know what it i...
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The Waking Promise (Link X Reader) by catfishhamsterlady
The Waking Promise (Link X Reader)by Catrina Furr
After sleeping for thousands of years, two princesses awake for the legend to be retold. One of heroes and evil, since the last time evil had won. When the princesses wa...
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Zelda Legends: Medli of Dragon Roost Island by Linkirby26
Zelda Legends: Medli of Dragon TOON LINK IS ADORABLE
Link had left with Tetra to sail the seas. Now he's gone, Outset, Windfall, Dragon Roost, and the other 46 islands are in danger, and it's up to a citizen of Dragon Roos...
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