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All Link X Reader Oneshots by lozlinkaddict
All Link X Reader Oneshotsby lozlinkaddict
REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! I've been having ideas recently, and I need somewhere to write them down. I apologize if they don't meet your expectations, but please give fe...
Linked Worlds by aLm0sT01
Linked Worldsby Lunar_Tear
Inspired by jojo56830's Linked Universe AU. When Link woke up, he expected another normal day. After all, his journey was complete. He was done being a hero. He could l...
Father Time | Legend of Zelda by FirefliesNightcore
Father Time | Legend of Zeldaby Firefly
Eight times where Time unintentionally proves why he is their 'old man.' One where they return the favour. WARNINGS: - nightmares - self-doubt - fear of heights - mentio...
The Wind Waker by Awesome-astronaut
The Wind Wakerby Singer of Hyrule
On a journey to save his sister, a boy is caught in a struggle older than the great sea. ====== One thousand years ago, the greatest hero of all Time fought against Time...
New Horizons - A Skyward Sword Aftermath Story  by Just_a_big_nerdy
New Horizons - A Skyward Sword Just_a_big_nerdy
Coming to her in a dream one night, the Goddess entrusts Zelda with the duty of restoring the Surface, and seeking out the three new mysterious tribes that have settled...
For All the Love and Links in the World -||The Legend of Zelda ||- by Karinto_Objects
For All the Love and Links in nafu
Basically, Link is a boy who has brothers. And their names? Link. Which Link am I talking about? I don't know, they're all Link. This is mostly cute and fluffy brotherly...
Link Boyfriend Scenarios  by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
Link Boyfriend Scenarios by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
This is a rewrite of a story I enjoyed. The Link (lmao get it?) will be in the description Also, there will be swearing because I'm like that...
Hero and Pirate by HardinTwentyfive
Hero and Pirateby Hardin Twentyfive
When fate brings an island boy and a pirate girl together, things don't initially work out between them. But put them in a worldwide crisis, and guided by a talking boat...
The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Purpose  by HeroineOfTime567
The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's HeroineOfTime567
It has a few months since Demise's soul was destroyed and the heroes have been telaported back to their worlds to live their lives the way they wanted to but, that would...
The Monster at Dusk by Zelda_story_teller
The Monster at Duskby Zelda
A New Semester starts at Nevermore Academy and Wednesday Addams gets a new roommate. Funnily enough, the new roommate and student, Link, arrives at the exact same time a...
seeing ghosts (discontinued) by dis_cat_ded
seeing ghosts (discontinued)by cat (inactive) (ratio)
another Linked Universe fic! the -all- mostly lowercase is on purpose. same for the weird grammar and stuff. ~×~ "something's wrong with him. I don't know what it i...
Lightly Treading (Legend of Zelda AU) by darkwuztaken
Lightly Treading (Legend of darkwuztaken
Boy wakes up in a broken world. Finds old friends and new friends. Saves the world. This is a Legend of Zelda Story where Link from BotW finds the other Links from oth...
Linked Through The Ages: A Linked Universe AU by Castielswings2
Linked Through The Ages: A Castiel's wings
Hello! This is just a fun thing I felt like doing as a way of getting a much needed break from college, while also practicing writing(which couldn't hurt lol). I have n...
Eternal Ballad of the Winds Ganondorf x Reader by MandyMichaud
Eternal Ballad of the Winds MikaAoife
SEQUEL TO A TIMELESS BALLAD. As the Guardian of Hylia, you have always guarded and protected the people of Hyrule since Demise's imprisonment. You lived in peace with yo...
Hyrule Warriors: Rise of Valoria by Aki-no-densetsu
Hyrule Warriors: Rise of Valoriaby 秋/ジェームス
The land of Hyrule has been famous in legends throughout the land. From the skyward lands to the ancient floods of the Great Sea to the glowing embers of twilight, many...
The House Full of Links - Bunch of Links x Reader Fanfic by tetraishere
The House Full of Links - Bunch Link’s Shawty
You didn't expect to wake up to different versions of your favorite Nintendo character surrounding your couch! What will happen next? Enjoy a fanfic full of romance, co...
Princess by tetra_zelda
Princessby tetra_zelda
Ah, hello. This is my first story, so please don't hate. This is about Telink (Tetra X Link), my OTP. Tetra turns into a beautiful princess, Zelda, and has to confront L...
Before the Calamity by KorinnaHazelWrites
Before the Calamityby Korinna Hazel
Princess Zelda and Champion Link must work together to defeat the upcoming calamity. Though tensions run high and the princess despises her knight, the two form an unex...
The Legend of Zelda: The Wanderer by sailortwilightt
The Legend of Zelda: The Wandererby Mimi
A young man who has been known as The Wanderer, travels through the lands and comes to the little land of Hyrule. When he bumps into a simple looking blonde girl who end...