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his heart brimmed with want and love; link was completely infatuated.

then again, who wouldn't be?
she was strong, gorgeous, and her personality was divine.

sadly enough, that love wasn't meant for darling lana: and she knew it.

the battle against cia was finished.
zelda and [y/n] had been the ones to finish her off, and now she spoke to lana her final words.

cia set a forgiving hand on lana's cheek, her eyes faltering many times.

" i'm so sorry it had to come to this...i know i could've been better.."

lana sniffed and shook her head, her eyes spilling with tears. a sad smile decorated her lips.

" oh, cia- it's'll be okay.."

[y/n] and zelda sadly watched the scene unfold in front of them, both feeling sympathy for the blue-haired sorceress.
they knew how much saving cia meant to her, so to clearly upset them to of have had to defeat her.

impa and link eventually caught up to the princess and [y/n], a relieved look washing over the hero's face.


[y/n] turned away from lana and cia to face a relieved link running towards her, stopping once he saw cia laying on the ground.
link's face immediately fell into a sad frown.

link slowly advanced, resting his hand on
[y/n]'s shoulder.

[y/n] inhaled a deep breath, her eyes sad and full of pity. link took notice and decided to move her farther away, feeling worried for the girl.

"hey, you alright?.,"

[y/n] nodded, biting her lip as she looked down at the ground.

"oh, yes..i'm okay. just a bit discouraged.."

link frowned and gave her a small, tight hug; his arms wrapped around her body in a tender manner.

cia sighed and looked over at the pair, a sad smile embracing her lips. she lifted her hand towards lana's face, cupping her cheek.

lana followed her eyes, her chest filling with a wanting feeling.

cia felt the lump in her throat thicken as she spoke.

" we've seen how this ends...and we both know he doesn't choose you.."

cia closed her eyes, letting her hand drop beside her slowly.

" how do you do it?...knowing you get left behind.."

lana smiled sadly at her, softly speaking.
her eyes still followed link and [y/n]'s bodies as they turned to face her and cia with concern.

" you don't always get the person you think you deserve..and i can live with that. "

cia let out a small cough, reopening her eyes to speak her final words.

" you always better half.."

and with that, she shut her eyes; lana well knew her words held the truth.
she turned towards [y/n] and link, momentarily glancing at their intertwined hands.

lana bit her lip and looked down, feeling her heart wither away in her chest.

" she's gone. "


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