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Bullied Hero.  (Complete) by MinAgust20
Bullied Hero. (Complete)by MinAgust20
Link is bullied by everyone at school, constantly picked on and teased. He lost his best friend just because he was gay. but what happens when a new student comes? Will...
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Link x Reader | One Shots by meow-ing
Link x Reader | One Shotsby Cat ♡
link x reader one shots to keep you up all night (or all day lol) ✨ mostly modern!link and sometimes time, twi, sky, wild, and hywa (hyrule warriors) ✨ it's free to imag...
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I Give You My Life ~ Revali x Reader by The2tailedfoxy
I Give You My Life ~ Revali x Read...by the2tailedfoxy
In a fit of anger, you lock yourself in your room. Your parents are controlling, your friends are in different countries, a man insists on marrying you for his image. Wh...
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A Princess's Problem. by BlackRoseSith
A Princess's Problem.by Emily
Follow Link and Zelda's struggle to unlock her powers and help her father look after the kingdom of Hyrule. But what will happen when they are alone? Link and Zelda will...
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The Champions Child (The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild) by Gravity_Faller_03
The Champions Child (The Legend Of...by Gravity
Warning: Spoilers from the Breath of the Wild game. You are the son/daughter of one of the Champions: Urbosa the Gerudo Champion, Daruk the Goron Champion, Revali the Ri...
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[EDITING] BoTW Oneshots by rin-phoenix
[EDITING] BoTW Oneshotsby obscure memes
- Requests CLOSED - MOST LIKELY CONTAINS SPOILERS! Alrighty, y'all want some BoTW fluff? You came to the right place. This was originally a BoTW Link x Reader, (I cha...
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His Dark Heart (Dark Link x Reader) by Nikki-Insanity
His Dark Heart (Dark Link x Reader)by Kyandisu
(y/n) loves playing the Legend of Zelda game series. She had a passion for misunderstood characters like some of the bad guys from anime, or even the hero's shadow, Dark...
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Her Wrath |Completed| ✔️ by Mi-M-Ab
Her Wrath |Completed| ✔️by Author H Ab
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #3 in Suspense. #47 in Chicklit. #1 in Company. #8 in Hatred. #1 in Payback. #8 in Ex. #2 in Mystery-thriller After getting thrown out of her house, c...
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Link x Reader OneShots by LiveAwesomeness
Link x Reader OneShotsby LiveAwesomeness
This is a book of Link x Reader oneshots. Requests are open. The stories are mine, but the characters aren't. I hope you enjoy this.
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Guardian - BOTW Link x Reader by AhHeck
Guardian - BOTW Link x Readerby Ah Heck
A Breath of the Wild fanfiction. Don't mind the cover rn it's just a filler Art: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AYrosp8UNIWn7b6smWMJrf10zfSGVbuh6rU0LOxWRiKxbK1u_MxnfG0/ T...
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Revali x Reader Oneshots by The2tailedfoxy
Revali x Reader Oneshotsby the2tailedfoxy
I miss writing about Revali...so I'm back until the next game comes out, which will probably be a while...
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Mute - Zelink Modern AU by LegendOfZelle
Mute - Zelink Modern AUby Shine
Link is known to be a man of few words. In this case, it is completely true. He has been mute since he was very little, no one knows why. As you can probably expect, oth...
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Breath of Another World (BOTW Link x Reader) by SilverFennic88
Breath of Another World (BOTW Link...by Silver
Reincarnation has always been a belief to a good few for generations, where you restart life in a new physical form after death. But what would you do if one day you fou...
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Link x Reader | Boyfriend Scenarios (requests currently closed) by meow-ing
Link x Reader | Boyfriend Scenario...by Cat ♡
link x reader boyfriend scenarios to keep you up all night (or all day lol) ✨ will include time, twi, sky, wild, and hywa (hyrule warriors) and occasional modern!au ✨ i...
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Destinies Entwined ||| LOZ by dragon-pappy
Destinies Entwined ||| LOZby 【 ♛ 】
(GOING TO BE RE-WRITTEN) 《TP Link X Reader 》 When the worlds of day and night suddenly collide into one, your whole life is flipped upside down. Alongside the unspoken c...
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The Fifth Champion | BOTW x Reader by MintieCakes
The Fifth Champion | BOTW x Readerby Aia
-Contains spoilers- *f!reader* One hundred years ago, you took part in a prophecy of old, a story that was resurrected after 10,000 years. Three individuals were destine...
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Swords and Sorcery ➵ BoTW by AstriaX
Swords and Sorcery ➵ BoTWby Madzy
In which a Hylian finds herself in the company of an annoying blonde and his boyish charm. There's also rad sword fights and magical girls.
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Game Changer: Book I (A Zelink Fanfic) by petitefille16
Game Changer: Book I (A Zelink Fan...by Petite
Eighteen-year-old Zelda enrolls at a new school, Brawl Academy, to finish out her senior year of high school. She encounters a quiet and reserved student named Link who...
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The Heroes' Rebirth | BOTW Sequel/Zelink (The Legend of Zelda) by HeroOfRhythm
The Heroes' Rebirth | BOTW Sequel...by HeroOfRhythm
~This is a COMPLETED fan-made sequel to Breath of the Wild and Zelink fanfic~ It has been six months after the defeat of Calamity Ganon. Peace and rebirth are beginning...
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Oneshots/Imagines by missdancer123456
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina One...by Courtney
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Oneshot and Imagines., season 1-3. Message me to make a story request! Requests are open! - Nick Scratch - Lucifer Morningstar - Ambrose S...
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