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the leaves had fallen the same time link left; for he was supposedly on a quest to save hyrule and the twilight realm.

of course, that was four years ago, and [y/n] definitely believed he was never going to return.

of course, it broke her heart. but what else could she do? she needed to move on.

so, she gathered her things and left her dear childhood village: ordon.

soon enough, [y/n] was never heard from again. she was nothing but another fabled villager of ordon.
the last remnants of her were only her dear friends memories of the girl, and what a lively spirit she was.

coincidentally enough, the hero had sauntered back into ordin a week later. he was a grown man, and no longer the seventeen year-old he was when he left for his journey.
he entered with a smile, and was quickly surrounded by villagers who wished to hear of his grand quest. his ears listened to the rambling crowd, but his eyes looked for the face of his friend.

all of that glimmer and excitement ended when he heard of [y/n]'s disappearance.

" what do you mean she's gone?-"

ilia sighed, giving link a pitiful look.

" [y/n] left ordon for good, link. she's gone, missing without a trace. she didn't even tell us where she planned to go. "

ilia had also matured. her hair was longer, and her eyes shone with a glint of wisdom. however, her feelings for link remained the same.

ilia's eyes searched his features, awaiting a reaction.
suddenly, he spoke up.

" i'm going to go find her. "

ilia felt her eyes widen, her heart tugging in her chest.

" link, no- if she left without telling us where she'd be, it must've been because she doesn't want to be fou-"

link was quick to cut her off, gathering his things again and setting them onto epona,

" ilia, i can't simply let the woman i love slip away. i'm going."

ilia's shocked expression was replaced with one of sorrow; her eyebrows furrowed and a small frown sat on her lips.

" the woman you..love?-"

he nodded in response, his eyes falling to the ground.

" i'm sorry, ilia..but it's always been her.. "

so, link traveled every inch of hyrule. no part was left unexplored by the hero.
it was 2 years of discovery, and yet no [y/n] appeared.

he was tired and feeling restless; but eventually he stumbled across a village that was a bit out hyrule's borders.

link sauntered into the village's market, his eyes blank with no particular shine. his hand hung loosely on epona's reins.

had it really all been for nothing? was his search all in vain?
what if she had already started new life? with a new man, a family, and perhaps even children..

had she really forgotten about him so easil-

" oh!- sir, i'm so sorry! i didn't see you there-.."

with his thoughts tugging him out of the real world, link crashed into a villager; his head left with an aching sensation. he shut his eyes in pain, slightly biting his lip.

he groaned, rubbing his forehead with his hand.

" it's..it's fin-"

he opened his eyes, only to meet the shocked stare of a lovely woman kneeling in front of him.

" [y/n]?.. "

[a/n: it's been way too long since i've updated this.]

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