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(Harry's POV)

"Goodbye Harry.." Gracie whispered.

I heard the phone drop and then a thump of some thing heavy hit the floor.


She has done some thing stupid...

"Harry? Harry Whats wrong?" I heard Louis whisper, as his warm hand came in contact to my shoulder, "Harry? Is it Gracie?"

"I t-think, I think she has k-killed herself. I-I heard s-some thing. A-and she said g-goodbye. A-and and..." I trailed of, sobs racking my body.

I felt Louis's arms wrap around me and pull me into a warm imbrace. My body shook as I sobbed into Louis's shoulder, my tears soaking his shirt.

After a few minutes, I gathered myself up, "Right. C'mon! We need to get to Gracie. She needs me." I said with bravery.

"Right! Louis, you drive. We'll take Your car Harry. Lets go!" Liam took order and we scattered to do as we were told, "Harry are you sure you want to do this?" Liam said quietly to me.

"Yes. Gracie needs me! C'mon!" I said, looking deep into his brown eyes.

I handed Louis my keys and we all jumped into my car. I got into the front with Louis, and the boys hopped into the back seats.

"Harry, maybe you should try ringing Gracie's mobile?" A thick Irish accent said to me.

"Yeah, yeah." I mumbled as I took out my phone and held in 3 on the keypad to bring up Gracie's speed diall. As her number came up on the screen, I tapped the call button and waited.

I heard the faint ringing sounds for a few seconds and then -

"Welcome to the O2 messaging service. The person you have called is not avalible right now, Please leave a message after the beep."


"Gracie! Gracie! Please ring me back babe! I love you! Please don't do any thing stupid?! I love you so much! Please?!"

Half way to Gracie's house, I left another message;

"Gracie! Please just ring me back! Tell me this is a prank! Please, I love you! Please don't leave me?! Please, Please..Please...."

We finally arrive at Gracie's apartment. Louis parks the car on the side of the road and we all jump out and rush over to the house. I run up to the front door and try the handle; Locked.

"Shit..." I mutter under my breath.

"Break the door down?"

"Spare key?"

" Window?"

The boys all make different suggestions about how to get into the apartment.

Suddenly, A light dawns on me, "Spare back door key under the flower pot! Boys! You shout in and see if Gracie respondes. If you can see her shout for me! Okay?!" I say, I rush round to the back and check under the big flower pot.


A small silver key was sitting under the flower pot. I could hear the boys shouting into the house to try and get Gracie up. I grabbed it and shoved it into the key hole.

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