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(Gracie's POV)

                                  (one month later)

One month.

One month since I had laid eye's on Harry Styles.

One month since he had broken my heart.

He hadn't even bothered to say it to my face.

I hated him...

I hated the way he made me feel so good. The way he would hold me when I was upset. The way he comforted me, the way no others could. The way when he smiled, his dimpled made his face shine brighter. I hate the way I miss him like crazy. I hate the way I love him.


I pulled his hoodie closer to my body. I inhaled his scent and sighed.

I grabbed the remot and flicked to the news channel.

An middle aged women with brown hair came up on the screen, "And now, another One Direction story has made the headlines. Harry Styles and recent girlfriend Leah, have made their first public appearance last night." the women paused, looking at her notes, "The couple made an appearance at the premire for the new 'Street Dance' movie in London. The pair arrived on the red carpet holding han-"

I couldn't listen to her talk about him any longer. I decided to flick to the music channel.

BIG mistake.

It was them. They were sitting on five stools with Niall holding a guitar on his knee.

One Direction's new song started up;  More than this. (A/N - Yes, I know it hasn't been relised recently, but it fitted the story line!)

Liam's face came up on screen first;

I'm Broken,

Do you hear me,

I'm blinded, 'Cuz you are every thing I see.

I'm dancing, alone.

I'm praying, That your heart will just turn around.

His eye's were tinged with sadness as he sang,

And as I walk up to your door,

My head turns to face the floor,

'Cuz I can't look in the eyes, and say;

The camera pulled of Liam's face, and came to Harry. His voice blasted through the mic, making me go weak at the knee's.

When he open's his arms, and hold you close tonight.

It just won't feel right,

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