Hiya guys! Hope you have been liking the story, I think there is only going to be like 20 chapters. Maybe. You never know ;) Any way, hope use are enjoying it! x


(Gracie's POV)


I run to the bathroom and reach up to the cabnit about the sink.

Sleeping Pills


Flu Tablets

I grab them all and go to my bedroom.

"Should I? He doesn't love me, there isn't any point in living any more." I thought to myself.

I grabbed the three jars of tablets and opened the caps. I tip the first jar's contents onto my hand. I bring my hand up to my mouth and swallow them. My head starts to get dizzy. My ears are ringing. I can hear a faint ringing sound.


My phone!

I look at the caller id; Harry Xx

I let the phone ring as I grab the second jar. I do the same as I done with the first one. My head is spining and my ears are ringing even more. My phone is still ringing. I grab the third and finle jar and tip all the tablets into my mouth.


Why was he still calling me?!

My head is spining. I can feel myself slipping away.

I press 'answer' on my phone and hold it up to my ear with an unsteady hand.

"Gracie! Gracie! I love you! I'm coming!" I heard an angelic voice say.

It was to late. I was slipping. Slipping in unconscienceness.

"Goodbye Harry..." I whisper.


I remembered that night.

The night that I felt to overwhelmed to live.

"Am I dead? Is this what death feels like?" I thought.

I thought I was dead, until I heard an angelic voice from above me. Harry!  

I decided to concentrate on him, he seemed to be speaking to me.

"Please Gracie!? Please wake up?" His angelic voice said from above me. I felt a hot tear drop onto my hand, "C'mon babe. You need to wake up. I need you..." he trailed of.

I tried to open my eyes, no luck.

I tried moving my legs, my arms, my toes, my fingers, my head.

Nothing would move.

What is wrong?!

I lay here, I just lay here for what seems like hours. Listening to different people coming in and out of the room. I heard voice's I recognised, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, some one named Paul. 

All of a sudden, there are only two voices in the room and the large warm hand that had been intwined in mine was gone.

"Harry, She will be fine!" I heard Louis say. I listened to their conversation.

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