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(Gracie's POV)

As I backed into our cabin, "Goodnight Harry." I teased.

I was over the moon! My head was spinning, I had just been on a date with Harry Styles! And even better, I kissed (even though it was only a peck) Harry Styles! My heart felt like it was about to jump right out of my heart! Words can not explain how I feel right now...

Just as I was calming down, I relised that Katie wasn't in the room and just as I was about to go look for her, she waltzed in with her hair a little more messed than I remember her having it and her lippy a little smudged. I was quite confused for a second. Why was she such a mess? I looked like that when I was standing out in the wind or just after I had sno-

"OMG!" I screamed as the penny dropped, I felt so stupid, "You kissed Niall!?! OMG! You kissed Niall!!" I was almost accusing her.

For a while we both just danced about the room. We were both so happy. I was happy that she was happy and she was happy that I was happy and we were both happy cuz we knew we were happy! Does that make sense?

Eventully she spoke;

"Yeah, How did you know?" she asked looking confused. I just gave her a look. "Okay, Okay! I know my hair and my skirt are a little messed up...." she trailed of.

We then, calmy, changed out of our clothes and into our pj's. We removed our make up and nail varnish in the lounge area and then switched the TV to Corrie. Corrie was Katie and I's favourite TV show. It relaxed us. During the breaks, we talked about the night.

"So how do you think the night went?" Katie asked me, she smiled.

"I think it went very well to be honest." I said smiling back at her, "And to tell you the truth, I think I'm falling for Harry."

We smiled at eachother for a few minutes and just thought into ourselves.

"So, how was your kiss with Nialler?" I smiled.

She blushed before answering, "It was acctually great!" she blushed an even deeper clour of red, "Like, he was so gentle about it and he said he didn't want me to feel pressured into any thing." she paused, remembering the scene, "At first the kiss was just gentle, but then we both got a bit caught up and it got more passonate. Ya know?" she winked at me. "Did you kiss Harry?"

"We were about to, but then some people," looking at her, "came out and distracted us! But I did peck him on the cheek just before I backed into the room. I didn't think my parents would appresiate coming out and finding their daughter snogging the face of some stranger." I laughed.

As the credits for Corrie went up, we were both in stiches laughing! We laughed and giggled for about 15 minutes and I wouldn't be surprised if Harry or the boys could hear us laughing through the walls!

We watch some chick flick on TV and then head to bed. Just as I am about to close my eyes and dream sweet dreams of a certain Mr.Styles, I hear my phone bleeping in the other room. Did I give my number to Harry? I think to myself. I walk into the lounge and grab my phone. The screen said;

Message From; Mum xx

Hey Gracie, wud just like to say Goodnight and the boy look nice enough ;) xx

I gasp!

Mum seen me with Harry? Oh dear, did she tell Dad? I wouldn't think so, or he would be in here questioning me - and probably Harry....

Oh dear....

(Harry's POV)

It felt like there was fireworks going of through my body. I felt like I had this rush through me body. I knew right then. Right at that very moment, I knew..

She was the one.....

I decided I would go into Louis's room to lad-chat him. I knocked his door and let myself in. He was lying on his bed on twitter.

"Hey Hazza!" he greeted me, "Hey Lou!" we smiled at eachother.

We just sat on twitter and listening to music for about 15 minutes.

"So, how was your night with Gracie?" he asked smiling.

"It was nice. I really like her Lou." I smiled and blushed.

"Did you kiss her?" he paused, "Oh yeah, we interupted you. Haha!" He doubled over laughing as he dodged my punches.

"Yeah, I remember that..." I said, pretending to be angry, "asshole..." I muttered under my breath.

No matter how angry I was. I couldn't for the life of me, be angry at Lou. We got eachother. When one of us was upset abut some thing, whether it was some thing silly or a girl, we knew. Like before we left for the cruise, Louis was the first to catch on that I was upset about some thing.

After a while, Louis spoke;

"So, when you and Gracie went for a walk," he paused, "What were use talking about? I thought you were going to make out of some thing, but I seen you's just talking...."

I didn't answer him for a minute. He was jelous. Jelous that I had shared some thing with a total stranger rather than him. And with all these rumors that's flying about with us being 'gay together', well ya know? He is my best mate...

"She asked me to tell me about myself, and I started to tell her that I'm from One Direction. But she cut me of," I paused, thinking about how to explain the conversation, "she said she wanted to know the real Harry Styles. The non-famous boy band Harry Styles. So I told her about how I felt very lucky but yet, very unlucky."

I had explained all this already to Louis some time ago cuz I was feeling really depressed about management not letting me go home and see my family for a while.

"I know what you mean mate." he paused, looking me dead in the eye, "This girl must mean alot to you if you told her all that on a first date. She's a keeper."

We sat for a minute, but then Lou complained that we were being to sappy and said to me;

"Go on! Go to bed! I need my beauty sleep...." I could see he was smiling.

"Pffttt!! Beauty sleep, my arse Lou!" I teased, "You'd need to sleep a year to gain any thing from beauty sle-!"


I felt a soft pillow hit my face - I'm surprised it wasn't his fist he was throwing! - and then heard  a muffled "Goodnight Harry!"

I made my way to the door and headed to my room as Louis turned out the light.

"Goodnight Louis...."

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