Chapter 5

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(Gracie's POV)

I, literally, ran back running and crying to our room.

"Grac-WHT? Whats wrong?" She gushed as she saw me balling my eyes out, "Has someone hurt you?"

"H-Harry S-Styl, Harry S-Styles!!" I got out between my sobs.

"What? What about Harry?" she asked with a concered look in her eyes.

"H-He's, H-he's here! H-He asked u-us out for d-dinner" I finally got out.

We were both screaming and crying now. We jumped and lept about the room for about half an hour. I don't like One Direction (as band) to much, but omg, HARRY FRECKING STYLES JUST ASKED US OUT TO DINNER!!

After we calmed down. We sat on one of the beds and I explained to her 'calmly' what happened. I told her about me walking into him and then realising it was him (and how I thought I wouls have been arrested for walking into Harry Styles. I explained how he asked us out for dinner in full detail.

"And he just asked us out to dinner?" Katie asked, almost in tears again, "Where? When?"

"He just said that he wanted to apologise for walking into me and then he asked me to come out to dinner with him and the boys. Some casual place down just down the exclusive deck" I explained, again.

"When? What time? What are we going to wear?" she freted.

"Oh Shit!" I remembered, "We have to be ready for 7:30!"

We scrambled around trying to get dressed (and redressed if we didn't like the outfit), put on make up and doing nails etc, etc.

I walked out of the bathroom after changing into my outfit.

Katie gasped, "You look gorgeous babe!"

I was wearing the white flowing mini skirt I wore earlier but instead of wearing my bikini on top, I wore my pink boob tube, sucking in my tummy and slightly raising my chest. I had light make up on with only a smudge of pink eye shadow and lippy.

"So do you! I'm sure one of the boys will totally fall for you!" I gushed, she looked totally glam. She was wearing a long blue and white skirt slightly showing the ends of her legs and a white blouse-y thingy. She had light make up on, like me, only difference was that she had blue eye shadow on and had a light pink lipstick on.

Just before 7:15, we were ready. I didnt early that I wasnt going to tell my dad just yet. I don't think he would approve of us going to dinner with complete strangers. So after much deliberation, we decided we finally looked nice enough to step outside the door and meet the boys.

My heart skipped a beat...

(Harry's POV)

I ran right across the hall to Niall, Liam and Zayn's rooms, but just as I was about to open their door, I heard some very high pitched screaming coming from room 8. Gracie. I think she might be excited.

"AAAHHGGGGG!!! WE ARE GOING OUT FOR DINNER WITH ONE DIRECTION!!" one of the voices said, It didn't sound like Gracie's sweet voice, it must have been her friend.

"Katie, shhhhh!!" Gracie's voice said, her sweet beautiful voice, "I don't think any one else knows that they are here and I don't think any one would appreciate hundreds of screaming girls screeching outside our doors!!"

I laughed and headed into Niall's room.

Niall and Liam were here playing X-Box. "Where's Zayn?" I asked them,

"Think he's in hs room on twitter" Nialler replied, I started for the door, "Wait! When are we going for dinner? I'm starving to death here!"

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