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(Gracie's POV)


I reached over to Harry's phone. Management - Mr. Lucas.

"Hello?" the man on the other end said. "Is this Harry Styles?"

"Hello, Yes this is Harry's phone. This is Gracie, Harry's girlfriend. He is in the shower at the minute." I say politly. This was his management, I wanted to make a good immpression.

"Oh hello Gracie, nice to finally meet you." he replied back flaty.

"Can I give Harry a message?" I ask.

"Em, yes Gracie. Will you tell him that some recent events need to be reversed and that we will be in contact very soon. He will know what you mean. Thank you." he hung up.

I set the phone down and try to think about what this Mr.Lucas meant by 'some recent events have to be reversed'? I puzzled over it for the next 10 minutes before Harry appeared at the bedroom door with a towel wrapped around his lower body. He looked, nervous?

"Was my phone ringing babe?" he asked me causually.

"Em, yeah. Some one called Mr.Lucas. He told me to tell you that recent events need to be reversed and that he will be in contact very soon." I said, eyeing his expression, "Haven't a clue what he mean's. Do you?" I ask.

"Em, no. No I don't." he paused looking uncomfortable, "I'm sure he will be in contact soon to explain himself." he smiled.

His smile relaxed me. What was I worrying about. I smiled up at him. Harry changed into his 'Mick Jagger' t-shirt and a pair of three-quater-lenghts and we spent most of the day cuddling on his bed and watching crappy day-time TV or playing X-Box - which I beat him in nearly every game!

"I was thinking," I paused, "I should probably introduce you to my family. 'Cuz its only a matter of time before either Katie or Alex spills the beans and my parents are bound to be wondering who and where I am spending my days."

"Em, sure. If you want to babe." I smile down at her, "But will your Dad eat the head of me?"

"I don't think so, but I'm pretty sure he will be questioning you very carefully. So just becareful on what you are saying." I smile up at him and nestled my head deeper into his chest.

We lay on Harry's bed until after 4pm when I hear our stomach's growling again.

"Hey Harry," I say.

"Yeah babe, what's wrong?" he asks, concern in his voice. It made me smile.

"Do you think you could call your guy again? To get us food? Getting hungry here." I ask, battering my eyelids at him.

"Em yeah. What do you want? I fancy a pizza." he suggests, sitting up and grabbing his iphone.

"Yeah, sounds good." I say.

(Harry's POV)

I called Paul and 10 minutes later, he arrived with a steaming hot cheese pizza. Gracie's favourite.

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