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(Harry's POV)

"Mate, you need to go home and rest." Liam said, looking concered, "We will sit here with Gracie until you come back. Or until some of her family come. Please Harry?"

I looked up at him, "Liam, I am not leaving her." I said sternly.

"Harry, If she wak-" Liam started.

"Liam, If she wakes up and I'm not here! She will think I have left her! I am not leaving!"

I slouched back into the hospital chair and crossed my arms across my chest to show him I wasn't moving. Liam sighed and sat down on Gracie's bed.

"Do you think she will wake up?" I asked him quietly.

Liam looked up at me, "Yes. Gracie is strong, she will wake up!" He said, resuring me.

"Ok..." I said, looking down at the girl I loved. The girl I totally ruined, "Please Gracie. Please wake up. C'mon babe?! I love you so much. So so much. Please don't leave me. I need you..." I said quietly into Gracie's ear, hoping and praying it would sink into her subconscience.

I sat back into my chair, stared down at Gracie and fell asleep. I dreamt of the time we were together and happy. The times on the cruise. Spending the weekend at my house and her house. Everything. I dreamt about her smile. Her hands. Her legs. Her hair draping over her shoulder. Her every thing.

I woke to some one shaking my shoulder.

"What? Gracie?! Is she ok?!" I said, jumping to my feet. Suddenly wide awake. I looked up to see several nurses around Gracie's body. The young nurse who had woke me was standing beside me. I noticed Liam wan't in the room. He must have gone home.

"Mr.Styles, I'm very pleased to say that your girlfriend is improving greatly. Her heart rate increased alot while you where asleep. We think she will wake in the next day or two." She said to me, smiling.

"Thank you so so much! Oh my God! I'll go call the guys!" I said, running out of the room to a quiet hall way. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and looked down at the screen. I took the picture the weekend she stayed with me in Holmes Chapel.

I hit Liam's speed diall. It rang for a minute and then I heard the click of him answering.

"Liam! Liam! ThenursessaythatGraciecouldwakeupinthenextfewdaysorhours!" I said down the phone.

"Woah! Woah! Harry! Calm down and tell me again, but slower." I heard Liam say calmly.

Okay! The nurses say that Gracie could wake up in the next few days or hours! Get over here! Tell the boys." I said.

"Okay! Good! I'll call the boys and I'll get Louis to drive us. What about Gracie's family?" He asked.

"They are all away on holiday. They already had it booked and the nurses said that they didn't think Gracie would be waking up before they came home, so they went on. But I'll try and call tham any way. See you in half an hour?" I explained.

"Yeah, see you there. Bye." He hung up.

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and ran back to Gracie's room.

"Hey! How is she?" I asked, slightly out o breath.

A young nurse turned to answer me, "She is ok. Her heart rate is stronger. We will take her of the drip that keeps her in the coma and she should wake in the next few hours. But, be warned, Gracie hit her head quite hard. She may have tempary memory loss." She smiled sadly, "We'll leave you alone with her. If she wakes, press the call button."

All the nurses walked out of the room and left me alone with Gracie. I silently prayed that she would wake up soon. If she was like this for another week, I would go mad.

While I watched her, I remembered about texting her parents. I took my phone out of my pocket and text her Dad.

Message To: Tom Jones

Message: Hey Mr.Jones. Nurses have just told me that Gracie is likely to wake up some time today or tomorrow. Get home quick if you can.

I pressed send and went back to watching Gracie sleep. After about 20 minutes, a knock to the door took me out of my day dream. The boys were standing in the door way.

"Hey." I greeted them.

"Hey, How is she?" Liam asked, with a sad smile on his face.

I sighed, "They said that her heart rate has gotten stronger and her body is fighting back the coma and lots of other doctor-y terms. But they said she will wake either today or tomorrow or in a few hours."

"She'll be fine mate." Niall said.

I nodded. I looked down at Gracie. Her pale body just laying there. Her hair laying limp over her shoulders. No colour or life in her.

"C'mon Gracie. Wake up babe." I pleeded quietly into her ear, "Can you here me? Gracie, squeeze my hand if you can here me. Please babe?!" I begged, almost in tears.

I looked down at my hands, waiting to feel some thing.

Any thing.

But nothing came.

All you could hear in the small hospital room was the beeping of the machines and the 6 of us breathing. I could hear Niall muttering to Paul complaining that he was hungery.

"Niall. Shut up! Harry is in there with his dying girlfriend. Please stop thinking of your stomach and think about your brother." I heard Paul say sternly, "I'll go get you all a McDonalds now." He said, after a short pause. Niall came in smiling and giggling. Obviously happy to be getting fed.

After a minute or two of think, I thought I had felt some thing on my hand. But I put it down to wanting to feel Gracie respond so badly, that my mind had imagined it. Another few minutes pasted and I deffinatly felt some thing.

I gasped and looked down at Gracie. She stired slightly and pushed her eye brows together. She squinted as she opened her eyes, looking straight above her. I squeezed her hand ever so slight, to make my presence known.

Gracie gasped and looked over at me.

"Ha-Harry?" she asked, confusion filling her face. Tears started to well in my eyes.

"Yeah babe, I'm here. Don't worry," I said, trying to sooth her, "Its alright babe, I'm here and I love you."


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