(Gracie's POV)


My alarm spirced through the cold morning air. I couldn't find the of button in the darkness.


It kept going and going! I fumbled to find the of button in the darkness. Urgh! Where is it? I thought.

"Alright! Alright! Keep your hair on!" I shouted at the alarm clock, "Im Up!" I looked at the clock, 2:32am! Better get going.

I quickly washed and then dressed in the outfit I'd chosen last night; my red and white striped tee, my navy skinny jeans and a pair of white pumps. I wanted to look nice just incase we did run into any one remoting exciting. I headed down stairs to find my parents and my brother in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Morning Gorgeous" dad said cheerily, I secretly wished inside my head that Harry Styles had said that to me. I replied with a simple "Morning Dad." I looked over at mum, she was stressing about leaving the house tidy and having the passports and getting away on time to pick up Katie and get then get to the docks ontime. I'd better calm her down...

"Mum, stop stressing!" I said rather sternly, "Lets get going or we'll be late. C'mon!"

So with that, we all headed out to the car loaded with cases and bags and food and Alex's games. I decided to keep my handbag with me becuase it had my headphones and ipod and books in it. Alex and I climbed into the back seat and Mum and Dad got into the front, Dad driving, we headed of to pick up Katie and head on to 'The Holiday Of A Lifetime!' (or so the brochure said)

(Harry's POV)

We arrived at the docks a few minutes early so the boys decided to take me for a walk, to 'check out the talent'. 

I saw a few girls that were pretty. But none of them stood out like my vagas girl did. Suddenly, out of no where i saw a mane of long brown curly hair.

My heart missed a beat....

Was that my vagas girl? Was that the girl that made me forget my lyrics onstage? The girl who overloaded my thoughts until I thought I would burst? I turned to Louis.

"Louis!? Louis?!" I said urgently, "I think thats her!"

Louis looked back at me as if I had grown a second head.

"The girl Lou! The girl who I have been 'obsessing' over!" I explained.

The penny finally dropped!

"Oohhhhh!!" He said, he looked around for her, "Which one is she? Where? Point her out!"

I pointed to the girl with her back to us, "Her. The one with the long brown curly hair." I said nervously.

She started to turn?! Then my head started to turn - spin almost! What was I going to do if it was her? Act cool? Calm? Relaxed? She turned..

My heart dropped. I wasn't her. The girl was wearing a pink tracksuit and she looked a bit tarty if I'm honest. She had make up caked on her and her face wasn't as pretty as my vagas girl. She looked snoby and I decided I would try and stay well clear of her on this trip.

"Its not her." I said sadly to Louis, "Thats not her...."

We got back into the car and our driver drove us into the exclusive entrance. I looked around, There were no other cars there except Paul and his wifes car and my parents car. Good. No disturbances.

We quickly found our rooms. We all had a bedroom each. Each bedroom had a double bed, a bathroom and a small lounge area. We were obviouly in the 'Exclusive area' of this cruise ship.

I decided to take a walk to the shop. As I walked around on the 'Exclusive area' deck, i saw the gift shop, the mini grocery shop, a mini cinema and swimming pool, I thought to myself - "I could live here. Take time away from the 'One Direction' mania. I could take some time to myself" - but then logic kicked in. I can't. I'm part of world famous boy band One direction. I'm not allowed to.

As i walked, I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I walked right into some one.


"I'm so sorr-" I started to say as I realised I had spilled coffe all down her but I was cut of by a girls voice

"WTH?" Oh dear, the voice sounded angry, "Are you tryin-" I interupted her again.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!" She looked up at me.

I gasped

She gasped

My Vagas Girl. It was her.

And I just walked into her...


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