(Gracie's POV)

We eventually got to the docks which was over an hours drive from our home outside London.

In the carpark infront of the massive cruise ship, we pulled up behind a black transit van. I immediatly thought of One Direction. My heart skipped a beat as I thought about the boys being on the same ship as us! But then logic kicked in and I remembered that the boys had tweeted that they were having a short break away from all the excitment.

A few minutes later we drove up to the car entrance but i noticed we werent heading for our usual entrance, I questioned Dad..

"Dad, Aren't we in the wrong lane for the car entrance?" I asked, "The sign says we are going to the 'exclusive entrance', we are staying the the normal cabins, aren't we?"

I looked round, my parent were smilling back at us. My brother, Katie and I were looking very confused.

"Didn't we tell you?" Dad teases, "We won this trip, and at the last minute we got transfered to the 'exclusive area'!" Dad was grinning like the Chesire cat, "Is that okay with you lot?"

Katie and I screamed in delight!

The car was suddenly filled with a lot of "seriously's" and "You'v got to be joking!'s"

We got the car parked in the 'exclusive area' (eeekk) I looked around. There were only 2 cars and that black van we saw earlier.

"Maybe we'll have the whole 'exclusive deck' to ourselves!?" I thought inwardly

We soon got our luggage halled out of the car and into the corridor with 10 doors it in. I wondered to myself who would be in the other rooms?

"Okay," Dad begun, "Me and your mum are in room 10, Alex your in room 9 and Katie and Gracie, you's are in room 8. Happy enough?" Dad smiled, knowing me and Katie would be very happy sharing a room and I think he knew that Alex would like to be independant and have his own room.

Katie and I entered our room. We gasped in delight!

Our room had two big double beds, a bathroom, a small lounge area and a patio door onto a small balcony which from you could see down onto the deck. Infront of the beds was a small TV with the basic channels, but in the lounge area there was a massive flat screen TV with sky HD, a DVD player, an X-Box and a Wii!!

Katie and I cranked up the music channel and danced around our room in excitment, Maybe this will be a good holiday after all!

After an hour of watching the music channel, we heard raised voices out side. We pressed out ears against the door and tried to listen in to the conversation.

"THERE SHOULD NOT BE OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS FLOOR!!" said a man with a thick Irish acent.

"I couldn't exactly refuses them a place, could I?" another, more relaxed voice said, "They won this holiday and I'm not going to ruin it for them!" This voice sounded like a ship crew member.


I turned to Katie.

"Bodygaurd? Keep them safe?" I said to Katie.

"Gracie, never worry!" she said calmly, "Just enjoy your holiday! Now change into your bikini and skirt and go to the wee shop we seen and get sweets and stuff."

"Fine!" I sighed, "I'l change and be back quickly."

I quickly changed into my blue flowery bikini, pulled on my plain white skirt and stuck on my new sunglasses. I left my long brown hair down and draped it down my back and shoulders. I then headed out onto the long corridor and walked to the shop.

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