Chapter 11

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 Guys! Sorry Im late with this upload. Been away and busy and crap like that! So any way, Hope you enjoy this! Oh and sorry, this is only going 2 b a short filler :/ Oh and I think I'm going to be wrapping this fanfic up soon, so let the drama begin! :P

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(Gracie's POV)

There was only a week left of the cruise. A week to spend with Harry. Before I would only see Harry at weekends. How was I going to get used to not seeing him?

I have been with him every single day since the cruise. I had even stayed in his cabin a few nights. But before you get excited, nothing happened. Don't get me wrong, I want to. I'm just not ready.

(A/N - Start of flash back) - Half way through the cruise!!

We had just eaten and Harry had ordered drinks.

"Em, can I get a pint and a red wine please?" Harry asked the waitress.

I wasn't planning on protesting. We had been out to dinner before and he had ignored my protests about me not being legal age to drink or that if my parents caught us. I had just learnt to go with the flow.

After a few drinks, we were both a little tipsy.

Harry turned to me, "Hey b-babe. How 'bout we go back to my room?" he said to me, winking.

I smiled, "Yeah. S-sounds good."

Hands entwined, we half ran, half stumbled back to Harry's room. As we got close to a cabin door, Harry held it open for me. We quickly got heated up and we were kissing passionatly by the time we got to the bedroom.

Harry grabbed my waist and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sat down on the bed, he started to lay back, when suddenly -

"HEY! WTH?! WHO IS THAT?!" a loud and angry voice came from below us.


"O-OMG! Surry Paul!" Harry slurred, the alcohol going through his system, "We-We were just making out."

"Yeah, I can see that Harry, now get out! Make out in your own room!" A sleepy and angry Paul shouted.

We quickly ran out of the room and ran across the hall to Harry's room. The alcohol was leaving our systems but we quickly got back into the moment.

Harry picked me up again and I put my legs on either side of his waist. We kissed passionatly. His tounge traced the edge of my lower lip, asking for entrace. I granted him this and let his tounge roam my mouth. His hands travelled down my waist to my legs. My breath hitched.

The alcohol was leaving my system. I was losing myself. Could I do this? Did I really want to do this?

"H-Harry, Stop." I said quietly while his hands travelled even further down my body, "Harry, please stop!?" I said, starting to cry.

I sobbed and sobbed. Why was I crying? Why didn't I want this? With Harry? I loved him. He loved me.

"Gracie?! Gracie, Whats wrong?" Harry asked, "Gracie, I'm sorry. Was I going to fast? I'm sorry."

I didn't understand why I was crying but I just sobbed and sobbed into Harry's shoulder. I felt bad. He didn't do any thing wrong. He didn't understand.

After about 10 minutes of crying and sobbing into Harry's muscular shoulders, I looked up at him. His eye were glazed with worry and fear.

"Harry, I'm sorry." I said, "Your probably going to break up with me for this, but, I'm not ready." I saw his face fall, "I want to, but I'm not ready. And with us drinking before, It just made it feel all wrong. I'm sorry, I'm gonna go." I said, new tears swelling in my eyes.

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