(Gracie's POV) 

As the days went by, I felt mayself falling more and more in love with Harry. He made me feel warm and loved and needed. I think the feeling was mutal.

As I was walking to the shop, some came up behind me and put their warm, soft hands over my eyes;

"Guess Who?" came a thick Irish accent.

I smiled, "Well, the accent kinda gives it away! Its Zayn of course!" I joked and spun round.

Of course I knew it was Niall, I was only messing with him. We had gotten quite close acctually. I was allowed to, wasn't I? I mean, Harry hadn't asked me to be his girlfriend, so I can hang with other people as well, can't I?

"Hey Graacciiieee!" Niall said, dragging out my name, "Hazza told me to ask you if you would like to come swimming with us later?" he paused, "Oh and could K-Katie maybe come along? O-Only if she wants to!" he blushed looking at his feet. 

"Yeah, we'd love to." he blushed even more, "What time? After lunch?" 

He nodded his head and took of in the direction of Nando's. As I was walking back from the shop to our cabin, I decided to text Harry to put him out of his misery, becuase Niall would probably be some time in Nando's. 

"Hey Harry! Niall just asked me. We'd love to go. C ya l8r xx"

I pressed send and kept walking towards our cabin where Katie was lounging on the small balcony  painting her toe nials. 

"Hey Katie!" she didn't look up, "Niall invited us to go swimming later. After lunch."

Her head shot up and dozens of questions started shooting out of her mouth.

"When? Where? What should I wear?" she fretted. 

I repeated all the information again to her and said, "And maybe wear a bikini, we are going swimming?!" 

I looked at the clock above the TV; 12:30.

 We had about half an hour to get ready. I went over to my suitcase and picked out my red bikini and headed to the bathroom to put it on under my white skirt. I then made sure my legs were hairless and made sure my hair was in a messy enough bun to look messy, but to look nice. Plus keeping it up in a bun will stop it from getting to wet.

At 1pm I heard a knock at the door. 

Harry! I thought into myself, but as I opened the door egerly. There stood my dad.

"Hey hun, you and Katie heading out?" he looked at me, 

No, Dad! I'm sitting in our cabin all day in my bikini! I thought sarcastically in my head. Instead I said; 

"Yeah Dad, were going swimming." I smiled at him, "That, ok?" he nodded

"Yeah, thats fine. Just be careful!" He said to me and looked over my shoulder to Katie who was applying last minute fake tan? 

We walked along the corridor past Harry's room, I would have called for him but my dad was still watching us. So we walked up onto the deck and over the massive swimming pool. 

To my left, I could see Niall and Louis on the wave machine but I couldn't see Harry or any of the other boys so we decided to just lay and sunbath for a while until they showed up. 

I was almost asleep when I felt spays of freezing cold water on my body, HARRY!

"HARRY STYLES!!!" I gasped, "WTH DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DO-?!" I looked at him for the first time since he arrived. I took my sunglasses of to get a better look at him.

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