(Harry's POV)

I woke to the smell of freshly fried bacon, Gracie must be making breakfast.

"Harry, come and get breakfast!" I heard her shout from the kitchen.

I jumed out of bed and walked down stairs, "Coming babe!" I shouted back.

I walked up behind Gracie. She was standing with her back to me, frying more bacon. I wrapped my arms around her.

"Hey babe, some one is looking rather sexy." I said seductivly into her ear.

"Harrrryyyy!!" She squealed, "I'm trying to make breakfast! Go, sit down and wait, like a good child!" She laughed.

I loved her laugh, even now. Three years on.

She walzed around our large kitchen, picking up different things and dumping them on the frying pan. Once she was happy with the contents of the frying pan, she went over and got plates from the cupboard and set the table. She served out breakfast two minutes later.

"Here we go babe." Gracie said, handing me a loaded plate, "Enjoy."

We made normal small talk for a while and ate our breakfast happily. Once we had finished, she picked up our plates and put them in the dish washer.

"Oh Harry, go wake Emily. She slept through the night last night." Gracie informed me.

I pecked her on the cheek, "Okay." I said.

I headed up the stairs and into the nursery, I walked silently to the cot.

"Hey baby, time to wake up." I said quietly, picking up the little ball of curly brown hair, "Mummy says you were a good girl last night."

Emily opened her eyes, her brown eye wide with curiousity.

"Dada!" she said, with a smile, showing her dimples.

"Yes, Dada." I said, smiling at her.

I lifted her out of her cot, changed her nappy, got her dressed and headed down stairs to Gracie.

As we entered the kitchen, I checked the floor was clean before setting Emily down to crawl over to Gracie.

"Muuummmmyyyy!!" She squealed.

"Hey baby!" Gracie gushed.

Gracie gave Emily her breakfast while I sat and watched. Gracie gave Emily the spoon to finish the last wee bit herself, but sure enough. The breakfast went every where but Emily's mouth. I laughed as I watched Gracie try to be serious.

"Emily! You should put the food in your mouth, not on your lovely new clothes! Uncle Lou got them for you!" Gracie said, trying not to laugh.

"What doesn't Uncle Lou buy for you?" I said quietly under my breath.

Gracie looked over, "What are you starring at Styles?!" She said smiling as she tried to clean Emily.

I smiled back at her, "My gorgeous family, Mrs. Styles."

Just as I said this, the boys walked in through the door.

Now, I was looking at my family.

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